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Using Self Storage to Create Space at Home and the Office in Bath

Posted on 26th August 2019 by The Aussie Team
Using Self Storage to Create Space at Home and the Office in Bath

If you’re looking to create more space in your home or work in London, one of the best options is to rent a storage unit. However, you might not be sure what type of storage package is right for you, and this might put you off. That’s when it pays to use a reliable company like Aussie that offers a range of storage options. That way, you’ll be able to discuss your requirements with us, and we’ll go through our storage packages.

Aussie is Bath’s favourite removals and storage company, and in just over a year since we began working here, we already have a loyal group of customers. And one of the reasons behind this is our range of services and unbeatable customer service. We have two excellent storage options that are ideal for domestic and business customers. No matter what your requirements are, Aussie has the right storage package for you.

Household and Business Self Storage Options in Bath –

Aussie Man & Van is one of the most successful removals and storage companies in London. And when we opened our newest branch in Bath, we needed to take our high standards across to our new location. For us, storage presents a vital opportunity to create more space at home, in the office or your workspace. That’s why we offer two distinct storage options for our customers.

Aussie Container Storage – this is ideal for long-term storage. A lot of people store their valuables and heirlooms, due to the high level of security at our facilities. This option is also popular with people who are storing furniture for future use.

Aussie Self Storage – perfect for short-term storage for people and companies who need regular access. This option is frequently chosen by businesses who move their stock in and out regularly. A lot of new start-ups and SMEs use Aussie Self Storage as their base of operations.

Finding the Best Self Storage Units Near Me –

Self Storage is an ideal way to keep your possessions safe, especially if you have valuables or items that are irreplaceable. If you own things like antique furniture or fine art, it’s a bad idea to store them in your loft or garage. A lot of people use their garage, attic, spare room and sometimes the garden shed for storage purposes. The truth is, they’re not suitable for storing anything that can easily suffer from damage.

Your home isn’t made for storage purposes, meaning there is a potential for damage to occur. England has more than its fair share of rainfall. And even in new-build properties, your house’s roof might leak. And while the water doesn’t always seep through, it can cause damp and rot, which can then damage your possessions.

Self Storage gives you regular access to your possessions, and you’ll be able to organise everything as you pack them up for storage. And if you rent a self storage unit from Aussie, you’ll get the best rates on the market with us, in addition to excellent customer service.

Furthermore, you won’t have to worry about a lengthy contract for storage – it’s up to you how long you store with us. We don’t have any set period for storage rental, and we always try to be as flexible as possible. So, if you decide to take a smaller unit now and find you need a larger one, no problem. We’ll be able to upgrade you straight away.

Aussie Man & Van – Bath’s Number One for Self Storage –

Aussie Man & Van is the area’s newest removals and storage provider, and we’re proud of this addition to the Aussie Group. We have hundreds of new customers every month, and our client list grows daily, with many new clients signing up with us by way of recommendation. Additionally, we also retain a lot of loyal customers who need other services.

Providing the highest standard of customer service is the foundation of our company. Part of our ethos is that offering more storage options will help us match our client’s needs exactly. Aussie’s range of services and individual removals packages are part of our ‘all under one roof’ ethos. We’re the ‘can-do’ company that can take on any storage or removals job.

Aussie Man & Van works with customers in Bath, as well as throughout the whole of Somerset and all neighbouring counties. Self storage can create a tremendous amount of space at home or your work. And once you start renting a self storage unit, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

If you would like to discuss our range of storage services in Bath, contact us today. We have the right storage package to suit your requirements.