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Trimming Running Costs for Retail Stores in Bath

Posted on 16th June 2021 by The Aussie Team
Trimming Running Costs for Retail Stores in Bath

Striking a balance between maintaining a budget and proactively investing is one most businesses grapple with as they navigate their journey. Even for companies with some wins under their belt, times change, and it’s important to adapt and move with innovation. Add in the difficulties everyone faced with the lockdowns, and there’s never been a more volatile time to run a business.

Bath’s relationship with local traders and its business community has always been a positive one. Aussie understands this, and we’re recipients of the same mutually beneficial situation. However, we’re also firm believers in two things – helping businesses trim expenses and develop. That’s why we’ll go through some practical steps towards a leaner budget without is damaging your service delivery.

Counting the Costs and Reducing Them –

This blog will look at how you can use removals and storage to trim costs, which applies to any small-to-medium enterprise. Monthly outgoings have been a focus of many businesses and start-ups over the past year. That’s because it can be impossible to carry overloaded expenses during more arduous periods where profits shrink.

It’s imperative not just to consider this as a cost-saving exercise – growth requires you to have a handle on everything that flows in and out of your company. If you have more funds to play around with, it’s possible to invest and make progress. For retail business owners, chasing money to cover bills is a waste of time, and you can spend it better in other areas, such as advertising and marketing.

Look at this from a strategic perspective where you’re saving to push forward in 2021. A healthy cash flow should be available whenever you need to dip into it. So, it will be best if you move away from stressing over expenditure to focus your efforts on positive tasks instead. And the only way to realise this is to implement a lean budget and maintain it.

Using Man & Van for Local Distribution –

Let’s look at one expense you can instantly save on while we also suggest an affordable option for outsourcing. If you’re leasing a car or van, it’s time to consider whether you need a company vehicle. The same goes for any unnecessary ones you own and selling them could raise funds. But surely this is counterintuitive when your business has an ongoing need for collections and deliveries?

By working with Aussie Man & Van, you’ll have no need for a van or car, and this will allow you to save on the expense of buying or leasing a vehicle. We’ll utilise our Man & Van removal package for the purpose of your local and national distribution. And where necessary, we’ll scale up to meet higher volumes of goods or materials.

Aussie’s man with a van charges by the hour instead of a flat day rate, meaning you only pay for the time you use. Each job comes with two team members who are experts in handling and packing. Whenever we collect or drop off, we’ll update you with progress reports. Furthermore, we can include warehousing and stock control with our storage services. The two link together to form a holistic service that’s a seamless, affordable distribution alternative.

Store Stock Offsite with Self Storage –

Most retail business owners have spacing headaches, especially if their building has limited floor areas and a lack of adequate storage. It’s a balancing act that requires a good understanding of what catches attention. For example, there’s usually little to no room for displaying outfits and other accessories. But is there a way of extending this without moving to a larger store?

A lesser-known tip for retail businesses is to consider using offsite storage to deal with both issues. By moving more stock out of your shop, you can allow more space for potential sales. It’s simple to move items back to the store when necessary, and there’s no issue with access during business hours. Self storage is a favourite with e-commerce traders due to the ease of moving stock, so it also applies to other sectors.

Many supermarkets use offsite storage during busy periods for things like seasonal overflow. For example, they often run out of space during Christmas and Easter, and there’s no option to shift stock with other depots. By working with Aussie, you’ll find a simple solution with no long-term commitment. You only need to store as and when you need to, without the need to sign lengthy contracts.

Alternative Workspaces for Fashion Start-Ups –

We’re moving a bit off the beaten track with this suggestion, but it’s always handy to think outside the box. For anyone new to the industry, it’s essential to keep costs low before you start trading. That’s why those in fashion start-ups look for affordable places to design. And there’s no better fit than self storage, and we’ll detail some of the benefits in this section.

You’ll have an affordable workspace that doesn’t bog you down with too many expenses or upfront costs. Yes, it’s a bit no-frills, but you can grow into a more appealing surrounding later when profits start rolling in. For now, it’s all about having a healthy cash flow where you can invest in materials and tools of the trade. It’s also a good idea to invest in marketing and your online presence.

You’ll need that capital for a decent website to showcase your work, and this is a better choice instead of a pricey rental studio. Successful start-ups are all about picking your battles, and you’ll be off to a flyer by using self storage. And much like some of our previous points, there’s no lease tying you down. Using storage will give you the chance of opening a fashion start-up without the financial burden of commercial rental costs.

Evaluate Your Retail Store or Workspace –

This one’s for the bosses who fork out exorbitant rental amounts every month, specifically those who felt the strain during the pandemic. This expense can be like a ball and chain and will soon be unmanageable if profits decline. Many companies struggled through the lockdowns because of this, and, unfortunately, some were unable to stem the tide and closed their doors for good.

Now’s time to evaluate your current rental arrangement to see if there are other ways to run your business. If you’re looking to trim costs, this is where to start because it’s probably one of your more costly outgoings. First, get your lease out and make a note of when it’s up for renewal. You can then crunch the numbers and consider a more affordable store.

There’s another option – you can move to a smaller, more expensive rental property that has more passing trade. Then make the savings by having stock offsite in storage instead of a building with lots of storage available. Self storage is much cheaper per square metre, and you can have the best of both if you balance the costs.

Partner with a Reputable Storage and Removals Company –

Hopefully, you’ll now see a few areas with the potential for you to save money by using storage. You can also find more savings by adding removals for any collections and deliveries. It’s possible to reduce your outgoings and have a healthier bank balance as a consequence. Not only will you save money, but there’s a sense of security when you’re not over-extended financially.

It’s vital you choose a business-friendly removal and storage provider with a strong reputation. Then, when the chips are down, it pays to have this in your corner because customer service is central to any decent provider. You’ll save money while receiving excellent service delivery, and Aussie is the best choice in Bath and Somerset.

We have a track record of helping retail businesses trim their costs and realise the potential for sustainable growth. Our affordable packages are the perfect solution for your local distribution, and this service transfers to any industry. It works incredibly well for the retail sector, and you can turn your fortunes around in 2021 by working with us.

Aussie Man & Van – Helping Companies in Bath Reduce Overheads –

Running a profitable enterprise takes planning, dedication, and a little bit of luck along the way. But it’s crucial to have things in place to counter bad times and have contingency measures ready. Bloated expenses will soon become a burden if you allow them to build up. So, it’s time for some tough choices and to get rid of weighty outgoings.

Aussie Man & Van puts customer service at the forefront of every service we offer. We can handle your stock allowance and distribution with the ability to scale up for national jobs. Our range of services links together to form comprehensive packages. Let’s end the reliance on expensive business expenditure and make this the year to create a flourishing cash flow position.

Don’t take our word for it – click here to request a free quotation for removals and storage. You’ll soon see opportunities to save money by reducing your monthly expenses.