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Top Tips on Packing Correctly When Moving Home

Posted on 18th October 2021 by The Aussie Team
Top Tips on Packing Correctly When Moving Home

One of the worst outcomes for any relocation is dealing with damage and breakages, mainly because most are preventable. We hear our fair share of moving horror stories, and there are common problems that are true of most of them. People don’t bother to source decent packing materials and then rush to do everything during the final week of the relocation. And boxes and containers lead to dents and smashes because they weren’t strong enough to handle the items.

At Aussie, we always think about preventative measures rather than trying to do things afterwards or on the day of the move. It’s usually possible to take more care with a view of avoiding breakages, and we’ll go into more detail about how this works. We’re firm believers in a thorough level of preparation if you can achieve this, including the importance of using quality packaging materials.

Follow these Tips to Avoid Breakages –

We’ll start with the same question that many of us ask when facing a relocation – how do you begin? Like most things, taking action is a requirement, but it pays to have the right level of preparation in place first. And there are a few ways to consider when planning how you’ll pack everything. You can’t move without putting things in a box or container properly. However, we firmly believe that there is an ethos you’ll need to master that will make your entire relocation much more manageable.

Timing is crucial when dealing with a relocation, and you need to create more time which sounds like a contradiction. It’s true that you can’t literally conjure up an extra day or two to help you pack and organise. That said, it will feel like you’ve lost some precious hours if you’re running around in search of old boxes the day before you move. And the result is a much higher risk of damage occurring during the packing or loading phase.

This blog will highlight some important steps and actions to take as you prepare for your upcoming relocation. And it will include specifics about protecting glassware and other delicate items. Furthermore, we’ll confirm why starting early and understanding that every action will lead to a successful outcome. Let’s begin by looking at the packing materials and why you need to get on top of this now.

Should You Buy New Boxes or Choose Old Ones?

There’s something to clarify before we discuss how to choose boxes and containers for your move. At Aussie, we have a solid commitment to sounder environmental practices, and we repurpose and reuse removal’s boxes wherever it’s possible. If we have a flawless, sturdy box, we won’t throw it away – we’ll use it for the next job. Our team will always look for alternative uses for ones that don’t make the grade. Failing that, we’ll recycle old boxes to avoid them going into the waste bin.

From decades of working in removals and storage, we know how to judge the suitability of packaging and containers. Unless you have the same experience and training, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to know if a second-hand box will collapse. Ultimately, it depends on what the storage conditions are like before you use them. If they were in a damp storeroom, the only plausible outcome is the sides or base (or both) will split and break.

Unless you can source high-quality used moving boxes, it’s a better idea to purchase new ones. Similarly, assess whether the object needs something sturdier, like a plastic, wood, or metal container. It’s critical that the container withstand the item’s weight and mass and any potential collisions during packing and unloading.

How to Protect Glassware and Fragile Objects –

If the idea of packing is daunting, then we have great news – Aussie offers packing as an add-on service. However, to make sure we provide information anyone can use, we’ll look at this from the perspective that you might be undertaking the relocation yourself. And there’s one point that we need to stress in more detail. You must make sure you put any glassware and fragile items in the moving van last.

This means that your bulky furniture or appliances are secure with appropriate ropes and straps at the other end of the moving van. They mustn’t move when the van is in motion. The best method of doing this is to wait until the larger pieces are in the vehicle and avoid having heavy items near the rear doors. That’s because it’s too difficult to get into the van to do anything once you arrive.

Then it’s the golden rule when dealing with fragile items: last in, first off. Your glassware and other delicate pieces require an additional level of protection, so and put them to one side as you pack. Then load the whole van, leaving a small space near the vehicle’s backdoor. You can pack your delicate items away, all individually wrapped, and place them in last. This will avoid any unforeseen collisions during transit and will make it easier to add extra padding.

Get the Moving Company to do the Packing –

Most professional movers tend to offer a packing service, which is valid for the Aussie team. We offer this as an add-on to our removals and storage packages, and we’ll undertake all the heavy-lifting work for you, in addition to creating an inventory of your possessions as we go. And most people we perform relocations for have plenty of other things to attend to.

One of the advantages of letting the pros take this on is the quality of the packaging and removal’s equipment available. And from our side of things, we can’t afford to use inferior packaging that might be faulty or inadequate. From experience, we know it causes damage and can also lead to delays, neither we’re prepared to accept. And it’s our primary objective to avoid breakages and ensure your belongings remain in perfect condition.

We’ll be upfront here and suggest that a majority of DIY moves happen to reduce costs. It might be tempting to save money and go this route, but you should consider some potential issues first. Check in with your insurance broker to see if your coverages contain clauses that stipulate using a professional moving company. You risk voiding any claims by ignoring this, so please take it seriously. Aussie can advise on all aspects of things like insurance during the assessment and quotation.

The Highest Standards of Removals with Aussie –

The result everyone wants when moving to a new home is to get there without any issues, and there’s a way to encourage a successful outcome. That’s why we believe it’s better to leave it to the professionals, and we understand there’s bias here. The reason lies in the level of customer service and accountability you’ll receive by using a removals provider. If you choose to do it solo, it’s all on you to get it right.

A DIY job that’s done poorly won’t save you money and might end up costing you even more. And we can guarantee it will involve more stress and aggravation along the way. You’ll be lugging the boxes and appliances yourself, which might also cause things like back issues. The likelihood you’ll have the correct lifting equipment is low as well.

However, please don’t take our word on this – get quotes and crunch the numbers to see what works for your budget. This doesn’t mean all self-moves turn out badly, and we know plenty of examples where they work out fine. Unfortunately, though, we know many more that don’t, so weigh up the pros and cons before assuming something is cheaper.

Excellent Customer Service Every Time –

I think we’re now going to look at how you judge a moving company before you book them. We acknowledge that removals and storage aren’t cheap, but it’s a necessary cost to safeguard your possessions. So, it’s essential you find a reliable removals provider that will give you value for money and excellent customer service.

The problem is, where do you even start? Luckily, the process is a lot easier than you might think. You can begin by seeking a minimum of three quotes from potential companies. Once you have the pricing at hand, it’s time to seek more information on customer service. You should check out each company on Google to see their reviews and repeat for Trustpilot. This will give data on their ratings out of five and access to testimonials from previous customers.

Now you’ll be able to weigh up their online scores and costs, seeking a balance between the two. At Aussie Man & Van, we’re proud to show people that we’re a five-star company. Not only that, but we also have a stringent Quality Policy that dictates our levels of service delivery. This includes BAR affiliation to lock in accountability and excellence into every service we offer. It all culminates in unbeatable removals and storage in Bath.

Aussie Man & Van – The Best Removals Advice in Bath –

Moving isn’t easy, and you’ll need assistance throughout the relocation. One of the many benefits you’ll enjoy by booking with us is having the Aussie team here to give you a helping hand at every stage, including the planning and preparation. We offer a range of services to cover all relocations and budgets, and we’ll always make someone available to talk about your upcoming move.

Finding suitable packaging is one of the most important facets of moving without any issues with damage or breakages. And it requires years of experience and training to know the right way to approach this. Aussie is known as the ‘can-do’ movers and storers in Bath, and you can have confidence in our superior handling and packing skills to make this a successful relocation.

Your belongings deserve to reach your new home in perfect condition. Click here, and we’ll provide you with a free quote and a breakdown of the most suitable removal package for your needs.