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Selling Your Home in Bath? Use the Lockdown to Prepare for a Quick Sale

Posted on 15th April 2020 by The Aussie Team
Selling Your Home in Bath? Use the Lockdown to Prepare for a Quick Sale

The Aussie Man & Van team would like to update everyone on our operations during the COVID-19 lockdown. We will remain open for business, but we’re limiting our removals bookings for emergency jobs. In this blog, we’ll delve into more information about what constitutes an emergency removals job, and why we’re taking this measure.

Additionally, we’ll provide you with information about postponing and rescheduling relocations, as well as tips on how you can prepare your home for the housing market when it reopens.

An Update on Operations During COVID-19 Lockdown –

To follow on from our previous post regarding emergency removals, we want to ensure everyone is up to date with everything that’s happening. Aussie Man & Van Bath won’t be closing during the current lockdown unless further advice is given. However, we are doing our part to reduce the spread of the virus by reducing our operations to emergency removals and storage jobs until further notice.

We know that this will cause some postponements for people, and we regret having to take this approach. We do believe that it’s a necessary measure to assist the authorities with their handling of the pandemic. And we also hope that it contributes towards the promotion of sensible decision-making for people on the subject of going outside of your home.

If you’re a frontline NHS or keyworker, we’ll do our best to accommodate your removals and storage needs. It’s better to postpone all other non-essential jobs now to help reduce the overall time we spend on lockdown. Furthermore, we will provide any updates if and when they occur, should this affect how we’re currently operating.

How to Book an Emergency Removals Service in Bath –

We’re trying our best to ensure that the people who are working around the clock to keep the UK running have us in their corner. If you’re a keyworker, especially NHS staff, you will receive our assistance. Although the time constraints are much shorter for emergency removal’s jobs, the process is much the same as any other relocation. We’ll go through a quick but thorough of assessment of the items you’re relocating with and the rest of the relocation’s details.

Then, we’ll provide you with a free, no-obligation quote and advise the most suitable removals package. It’s worth noting that we only recommend the most cost-effective service that’s as efficient as possible. After we agree on everything, we’ll book you in and arrange to send over our removal’s team as soon as possible to start the process.

Due to the need to expedite everything, we may need to dispatch our removal’s team out straight away to get things started. If there are any specific things we need to take into account, we’ll likely send someone to ensure we know the finer details. We must safeguard your possessions during the packing, relocation and unloading stages. The main thing to remember is to contact us now to get things underway.

Postponing Non-Emergency Removal Jobs –

During the initial discussions at the governmental level, all removals and storage situations were deemed non-essential. However, after several instances, it was clear that moving and storing services often require emergency action. In a scenario where putting off an upcoming relocation or storage booking could cause dire consequences; Aussie will assist you.

The current lockdown period will likely extend into May, and wherever possible, people and businesses should postpone any moves or storage jobs. We’re here to help soften the blow and will see what options are available to us now. We understand this will disrupt your personal or business life, but it’s necessary for us all to do our part to combat this virus.

Although things are temporarily on hold for most new removals and storage jobs, planning forward is never a bad thing. We’re still available to discuss your removals and storage needs and can make assessments over the phone or by email. You can take this time to start preparing your items for storage or doing some additional research on your new location.

Preparing Your Home for Sale in Bath –

There are various options you can consider when preparing your house or apartment for sale. And now that the housing market has effectively shut down, it’s worth looking at proactive ways to spend this downtime. If you really want to pull out all the stops, home staging is a technique professional interior designer’s use which involves a complete aesthetic revamp of your home. You can find plenty of information on this online.

You can start by writing a list of pros and cons of hiring a home staging expert against undertaking the project yourself. And make sure you cost everything out in detail, including materials and equipment. The only thing you’ll need to remember is that any purchasing of materials won’t be possible until the initial lockdown is over.

Whichever option you choose, your house or apartment must be clean. There are two ways of doing this. You can do the dirty work yourself, or you can use a professional cleaning company. A spotless home isn’t just for appearance purposes, that comes later in the process. You’ll notice any maintenance issues that require your attention. All deep stains and grime should be removed by taking out all appliances and cleaning in, under and behind.

Similarly, each room needs a new coat of paint. This means every wall and woodwork, including the skirting boards and window frames. You should consider using a plasterer to fix any issues with the walls. Even the slightest dent or crack might put off a potential buyer. The primary outcome of home improvements in this instance is to sell your property within a reasonable amount of time.

Using Self Storage for Moving Delays –

At Aussie, we’re considering all removals and storage jobs on a case-by-case basis, meaning you are welcome to contact us to see if we can help you. Wherever possible, we’ll take bookings for situations where a delay would cause a serious problem for our customers. So, if you now face a situation where postponing your move means you have nowhere to store your possessions, we’ll discuss your options with you.

Self storage offers a safety net for people who find a gap in their moving dates suddenly occurs. And this is especially apt for the situation many people in Bath currently face. We would still advise that we’re prioritising emergency cases, but we will assess any inquiry we receive. And we’ll do everything within our remit to help you find somewhere secure for your belongings.

Regardless of why you need to move, Aussie has a suitable storage package for you. We’ll book everything straight away and arrange to get your possessions into one of our self storage units as quickly and efficiently as possible. We have a range of removals and storage services to choose from making it possible to accommodate everyone’s requirements.

Booking Your Future Removals in Bath –

Aussie Man & Van has been providing removals for people and businesses in London for nearly twenty years. Our recent expansion into Bath has been an amazing experience for our company. And we’re proud that we’ve brought our excellent service delivery results with us. All relocations are different, but from experience, most successful moves require a certain amount of planning.

We appreciate that postponing your move will cause issues somewhere along the line. However, it’s also worth looking at this from another perspective and using the additional time to do more research. And there is no such thing as too much preparation, which includes sprucing your current property up to make sure you get a timely sale.

The Aussie team are currently accepting future bookings, and we can be flexible should you need to move dates around. Our team will be available to assist with any planning or rescheduling tips you might need. And we’ll be here to discuss any developments with regards to changes in our operational capacity.

From the results from other countries who are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel, lockdowns are effective. This means that businesses can begin trading again by summertime. Although it’s too early to make any predictions. For now, we will gladly book a provisional date for your relocation with a promise to contact you with any updates.

Aussie, the Can-Do Removals Company that Puts Customers First –

Aussie is the ‘can-do’ company, and we’re now the favourite removals and storage provider in Bath. The reason for our success is by making customer service our primary focus. Furthermore, we believe that removals and storage should be affordable and attain a high standard of customer service. So, whether you need an emergency relocation or to rearrange to a later date, we’ll be here to guide you through the process.

Another thing our customers can count on is our expert removal’s team who go to lengths to safeguard your possessions during the move. Relocating to a new home is never going to be completely smooth sailing. However, we will never accept that breakages and delays are part of the process. That’s why we thoroughly assess everything, even for last-minute bookings. It’s essential that we know the exact contents and any relevant details before we arrive for the big move.

Use the Lockdown to Prepare for a Quick Sale

If you need to discuss an emergency relocation or a postponement in Bath, contact us today. We’ll guide you through the process and discuss your options.