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Using Self Storage in Bath for Surplus Stock

Posted on 5th February 2021 by The Aussie Team
Using Self Storage in Bath for Surplus Stock

If you’re in the fortunate position of enjoying a burst of unexpected business activity at the moment, but haven’t got the framework in place to cope, an Aussie Bath self storage unit can come to the rescue overnight. There’s no requirement to take on the unit for longer than you want (although if you go for six months or more, we can come and collect the items you want to store, without any extra charge). In a matter of minutes, your business will have its very own inventory/merchandise distribution centre. If, on the other hand, business is becoming slower during national lockdowns and ongoing restrictions, you may have ended up with an excess of stock that’s proving hard to manage or accommodate. Our self storage units mean you can restore order to your main premises by offloading the goods.

A Comprehensive Array of Business Removals and Storage Services in Bath

When Aussie moved beyond London and began setting up shop around the country, Bath was one of the beneficiaries. We bring over two decades of moving and storage experience with us, along with the famous ‘can-do’ attitude that’s been our calling card from the very start. We cover every kind of home and office removals and storage service and when we say ‘can do’, we really mean it. If you’re not sure what you need, we’ll help you work out what kind of storage package most suits your requirements, so that you’re never paying for anything you don’t use. 

Bath Self Storage for Managing Stock and Inventory

Not only can you drive right up to your Aussie Bath self storage unit, you can use it as a kind of satellite or outpost for your business. Many of our clients say that their units have revolutionised work-flow and given their businesses a new surge of life. Measuring 250 cubic feet (or 500, if you go large), the units are ideal for containing stock and inventory and can become the distribution hub of your company. 

A Complete Business Storage Service

Aussie Bath self storage isn’t just for stock management. If you see our Google Reviews, you’ll notice that there are scores of reasons that people use us. Our self storage units mean you have constant, easy access to your belongings, which is perfect for both domestic and corporate clients. Some of our customers just want to keep old archives off-site, so that they can make their offices less cluttered and much more streamlined. Others use our units so that they can do away with the need for an office entirely – in fact, more and more of them are finding that they can run their companies this way now that working from home has become so normalised. Our units mean overheads are considerably reduced – and they work extremely well as workspaces. What’s more, there’s no lease to bother with; it’s so much easier and quicker, not to mention more flexible.

Container Storage – the Alternative Option

We have two types of storage. In addition to our handy self storage units, we offer container storage. This gives you more space for your money but less ready access. It’s just right for anything you know you won’t need to look in on from time to time, whether that’s valuables or furniture. Business clients sometimes use it for old technology that they aren’t ready to decommission or throw away entirely. Container storage comes with all the safety and security that we put in place for the self storage units. 

Using Aussie For Your Business Distribution Needs

There’s an Aussie Bath service that’s the perfect complement for your self storage. Aussie Man & Van can be used as the distribution arm of your company, overseeing all order fulfilment, delivery, collection and stock management. Aussie vans are manned by two Aussie mover/drivers, all of whom are fully BAR (British Association of Removers) trained and experienced. If your business is growing and you’re struggling to cope with demand, within as little as 24 hours we can become a pivotal part of your company, keeping it flowing smoothly. And as with any Aussie Bath service, you’re not locked in indefinitely and can change your mind. 

Utilising Online Reviews For Better Customer Service

We thrive on our Google reviews and TrustPilot ratings and we make sure we read everything you feed back to us, whether that’s via a review, a telephone call or an email. Customer reviews lead to better customer service because you alert us to areas where tweaks, changes and improvements can be made. 

Bath’s Business Storage Provider

Wondering why Aussie Bath storage has had such a positive and vital effect on local businesses? It’s partly because no requirement is too complicated or simple for us, no job too big or too small. We don’t farm out parts of our jobs to sub-contractors; everything is dealt with in-house. Not only are we the ‘can-do’ company, we’ve built a name that’s synonymous with efficiency and reliability.