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Self Storage In Bath – Minimalism, Decluttering, and Storage solutions 

Posted on 31st May 2022 by The Aussie Team
Self Storage In Bath  – Minimalism, Decluttering, and Storage solutions 

Minimalism as an aesthetic choice 

Minimalism, not the art movement, but the trend in dispossessing possessions has been popular in the last 15 years.  Interior decors like Japandi set the aesthetic tone for what is progressive.  Japandi combines Scandinavian functionality with Japanese rustic minimalism. This style evokes an aesthetic of natural simplicity and intelligent form.  Clean lines, bright spaces, and light colours demonstrate the beauty of space discouraging excess items and flourishes.  Japandi’s appeal goes hand in hand with the desire for eco and sustainable expressions of form and function.   To achieve the elements of this style, it is important to emphasize only quality pieces of furniture and eliminate excessive items. For this decluttering is key. 

Does it Spark Joy? 

The catchphrase of Mari Kondo’s popular cleaning and decluttering protocol which has swept the world, asks objects to be evaluated by this alone – Does it spark Joy? This method is applied to the contents of one’s home in order to remove those objects that rank low on the joy index.  This results in an apparent transformation of space and life, as one will be more aware of the accumulation of objects in the future.  Minimalism has been practiced in Japan by other enthusiasts of the movement.  The intention is to live only with a minimal amount of objects, prioritizing furnished accommodation and a reduction of all product use and overall consumer practice.  

Minimalism as a response to Consumerism

As this social attitude has gathered momentum in the last years, it is easy to see how it is a response to the ecological realities of our times.  In the developed world most households are replete with everything they need and beyond.  Where there is space to store things, most households have an excess of now redundant objects, whose uses become obsolete as quickly as a new model of them is available.  Unfortunately, in the West many people are insidiously addicted to accumulating things and our culture enables and enhances this.  In the 20th century, the accumulation of objects ensured a sense of ease and stability which brought about a feeling of security. In the same way, employment and pensions modelled the same stable commitment.  However, now homeownership is a mirage on the horizon for many and instead of secure contracts, there is an increase in freelancing and multiple avenues of income sourcing.  Coupled with the realization that materialism and consumption are literally damaging the planet, a whole new set of values is emerging in the face of this current climate. 

Reducing possessions

In terms of aesthetics, if you want to achieve serene and spacious interiors, the key is to reduce the number of decorations and objects you have and emphasize essential furniture pieces.  An emphasis on function-driven spaces is attractive with the odd statement piece rather than a lot of noisy décor.  The same principle is applied in the almost religious practice of minimalism that trends through Instagram.  People curate their lives to rely on minimal amounts of objects, and to eliminate unnecessary time wastage and energy expenditure.  Modelled on Zen Buddhism, this kind of object asceticism practice can encourage people to live much more meaningful and aware lives.  


A term coined within the online extreme minimalist arena; clutter blindness refers to the insidious way that things just build up. As the brain gets familiar with the objects, it no longer registers their presence.   Five ways to identify if you are officially “Clutterblind”! 

  • You are drowning in incomplete tasks and responsibilities.  Clutter is not just material, it can be the files on your desktop, unread emails, bills not paid, all kinds of duties swerved.  Procrastination is clutter made manifest. 
  • You dread going home to your place and would rather be out than deal with all the unfinished business that is lying around at home.
  • Friends and family offer to help you clean up 
  • You break things unnecessarily due to the chaos in your environment
  • Objects just cannot be found on command.  You must turn your place upside down to find that letter, form, or keys. 

While these points seem a little evangelical on the extreme minimalist front, there is no doubt that a good organizational system can really help your home life and your psyche. If you are using a storage container system, the process of storing and itemizing your stuff forces you to get real about what you are owning and paying to store.  Often people find they really do need much less than they think, so they may store items that are unnecessary for their new Tiny home, aesthetic re-vamp, new flat, or house.  The result is being able to shed further items from the storage after the evaluation process is complete.  By minimizing what is in your immediate surroundings and using a storage system to retain what you may need in the future, you can experiment with decluttering according to the needs of your life. 

Tiny Houses 

An expression of a new synthesis of function, form, and affordability is the increase in popularity of  Tiny houses.  Obviously, the cost of homeownership plays a role in the development of these niche homes, but they are usually examples of flair and creativity, and through their limited size, require a functional downsizing of general possessions.  Tiny houses, if they keep within the required dimensions generally do not need planning permission, if they act as extensions of use of the current home or land they are on.   Obviously, stealth storage is required in the design, and also perhaps additional storage from a storage company will be helpful, particularly if one is experimenting with living in a small space for the first time in a while.  The beauty of having a storage container as a reserve for your excess possessions is that you can experiment with what objects and items are truly essential.

Aussie Drive up self-storage in Bath

If you are revisioning your living situation, coming to Bath to study, or for a temporary residence, you may want to consider our new drive-up self-storage on the Lower Bristol Road.  Drive up self storage gives you the freedom and flexibility to access your storage whenever you need – with 24 hour access.   We have a variety of packages for business customers and personal storage.   As affordability is high on our list of priorities, we charge less than the typical market rate. We can offer student storage for £10 a week plus VAT.  You have our guarantee that all units are insulated, so your possessions will be in good hands, and will not deteriorate during their storage period.   So, if you are considering downsizing, or experimenting with a minimalist outlook at a new stage in life, you don’t have to take the full plunge.  Storage means you can lighten your load while preserving your options for the future.   Get in touch to find out which of our storage packages is going to be a match for your situation.  We are always happy to help, as our reviews and ratings on Google and Trustpilot will demonstrate.