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Packing Irregularly Shaped Ornaments and Furniture When Moving

Posted on 21st May 2024 by The Aussie Team
Packing Irregularly Shaped Ornaments and Furniture When Moving

Packing irregularly shaped items can be challenging for both experienced movers and novices. Their unique dimensions and unconventional forms make it difficult to pack them efficiently and securely. Without proper techniques, there’s a high risk of damage during transportation or storage, leading to potential financial loss and emotional frustration.

Fortunately, some practical solutions and strategies can simplify the packing process for odd-shaped items. By following these tips, you can overcome the challenges of packing irregularly shaped belongings. This guide will explore essential packing supplies, specialised techniques for different items, and the benefits of using storage facilities like Aussie Bath. These facilities offer secure and convenient storage solutions, relieving you of the stress of finding space for your items during the moving process. 


  1. Choosing the Best Packing Materials
  2. Packing Large Furniture and Appliances
  3. Disassembling and Packing Irregularly Shaped Items
  4. Protecting Fragile, Odd-Shaped Objects and Furniture
  5. Preparing for Storage and Packing Tips
  6. Working with Professionals with Packing Experience
  7. FAQs for Removals and Storage in Bath

Choosing the Best Packing Materials

Whether packing for a move or preparing for storage, using high-quality materials is crucial. Relying on second-hand boxes from the corner shop might cause unexpected issues. Often, these boxes are stored in a damp backroom, degrading the cardboard structure, which leads to collapsing during packing or transporting. By choosing the right materials, you can ensure a smooth and secure packing process.

Packaging boxes designed explicitly for odd-shaped items are best for safeguarding your possessions. This is where bubble wrap and padding become invaluable allies, providing a sense of security. You can cut these materials to match the dimensions of your furniture, device, or ornament to ensure their protection and organisation.

You can find quality packing boxes on Amazon, and our partners in London have an online store. Additionally, you can avoid this issue by adding a packing option to your removal or storage service. That saves you time while ensuring your possessions are safe and secure with the best packing materials.

Packing Large Furniture and Appliances

Dealing with oversized, bulky furniture can be daunting, especially when wrapping larger items like tables or couches. This is why we emphasise the importance of working closely with storage and removal professionals. Their experienced knowledge can guide you to avoid breakages and injuries, providing a sense of support and assurance.

It’s practical to tackle large items with at least two people. Losing control of a large item like a sofa can lead to collisions with walls and potential damage. A handling partner to lift and secure items is crucial to avoid unnecessary injuries or breakages.

Place more oversized items lower for convenience and to avoid movement during transit. Smaller objects can be stacked on top and secured with ropes, belts, and buckle straps. This requires more planning before you load the items into the removal van. Otherwise, let the experts do this for you, which is the most sensible and hassle-free option.

Disassembling and Packing Irregularly Shaped Items

We recommend disassembling furniture before packing, loading, and transporting for relocation or storage. Here are a few main points to consider:

  1. Disassembling items like office chairs and lamps makes transport more accessible.
  2. It prevents unnecessary damage to any moving or protruding parts.
  3. You can slot pieces between more oversized items in the moving van.
  4. Removing items from top floors and down staircases is more straightforward.

One problem you might encounter is disassembling complex objects with moving parts. It’s best to look for the original manual or download one from the manufacturer’s website. They’re readily available from most manufacturers for various models.

Take notes for reassembly, and keep any screws and bolts in a Ziplock bag. This allows you to retrace your steps when putting the items back together. You’ll also retain the smaller fixings.

Protecting Fragile, Odd-Shaped Objects and Furniture

One common challenge is dealing with uniquely shaped furniture or ornaments that are also fragile. This double issue can stump moving companies without more experience with these objects. Luckily, Aussie only works with time-served experts, but we’ll provide some of our best practices in this section.

Protective padding

The method for handling these items is the same as for any delicate item. Apply more padding to glass and antiques to prevent damage during transit or loading. Individual pieces like vases should go into separate smaller boxes, with packing peanuts or paper acting as buffers. Use moving blankets between larger boxes to dampen any collisions.

Arranging the moving van

If you’re performing a DIY move, ensure all furniture and appliances are placed at the opposite end of the moving van. We suggest packing the bulky items closer to the front of the vehicle for more stability. Then, pack all the delicate objects at the last or at the back of the van. This means you can unpack them first and prevent collisions during transit.

Use professional movers

Working with professional storage and moving providers can help ensure these steps are followed correctly. To avoid issues with a claim, you should check if your insurance coverage requires this. Some providers stipulate this in your policy contract.

Preparing for Storage and Packing Tips

When using storage for relocation, you’ll use similar packing tips to ensure secure, well-packaged boxes. Remember to label all boxes and containers to note what’s inside, making retrieval much more straightforward. You can also create a home inventory list for ease of reference by downloading an application for your phone.

Aussie Bath offers a range of storage packages to suit all budgets and requirements, including business storage and container storage. We have the best storage facilities in Bath and Somerset, where we work with households and businesses from all over the county.

Our teams use industry-level packing materials and the sturdiest boxes available. We can take the packing responsibilities off your shoulders and have our expert movers do this for you. This frees you up to other pressing tasks and ensures the highest standards for your belongings.

FAQs for Removal and Storage in Bath

Does Aussie Bath have general liability insurance?

Yes, Aussie provides a basic level of insurance against loss and damage, but it’s limited. We can arrange additional insurance when you request it in writing, and it isn’t included in your quote. Please read our terms and conditions and self storage terms and conditions for more information.

Would you recommend additional insurance coverage?

We always recommend considering insurance before moving or using storage. As mentioned, we can arrange this for you. If you have an active insurance policy, we suggest contacting your broker to check that you’re covered for moving home and/or using storage.

Where can I find Aussie’s online reviews?

We’re incredibly proud of our Google reviews—you can find them here. Read some reviews from current and past customers better to understand our high standards and customer service focus.

How long before a relocation should someone book a removal service?

There’s no exact timeframe for moving home, but we suggest giving yourself at least three months. Although we accept last-minute emergency requests, this is the bare minimum time for a successful relocation.

We suggest reading this moving checklist to stay on track during your relocation.

Does Aussie have strong security measures at its storage facilities?

Aussie has the best storage facilities in Bath and Somerset, and part of this comes from our adherence to robust security measures. Our entire storage depot has 24-7 CCTV coverage with vehicle recognition technology. Every storage unit is connected to our alarm system, with individual pin codes for each unit.

Does Aussie have branches in other locations?

Aussie is part of the Aussie Group, which runs from our London headquarters. We have five branches in the capital, another in Oxford, and Aussie Storage in Dorset.

Does Aussie offer national and international relocations?

We offer various long-distance removal and storage services for people and businesses, including international, European, and UK relocations.

Are there additional resources for removal and storage?

We have an active blog page on our website that’s full of helpful information for moving home or using storage. It’s updated frequently, giving you current articles covering a range of topics.

Aussie Bath – Ensuring the Safety of Your Belongings

Packing might seem straightforward, but doing it right has a science to it. Our experienced staff has decades of expertise, making handling and packing second nature. We hope you feel more confident when dealing with unusual objects, regardless of whether you take this on yourself or work with us.

Always check prospective storage companies via Google and verify their accreditation before booking. Aussie has a proven track record of providing excellent customer service, with a robust quality policy for customer care and service delivery standards.

Click here to discuss your upcoming relocation or storage needs. We’ll provide a free quote and the most suitable service details.