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Self Storage In Bath – Minimalism, Decluttering, and Storage solutions 

Posted on 31st May 2022 by The Aussie Team
Using Self Storage in Bath for Surplus Stock During Busy Periods

Minimalism as an aesthetic choice 

Minimalism, not the art movement, but the trend in dispossessing possessions has been popular in the last 15 years.  Interior decors like Japandi set the aesthetic tone for what is progressive.  Japandi combines Scandinavian functionality with Japanese rustic minimalism. This style evokes an aesthetic of natural simplicity and intelligent form.  Clean lines, bright spaces, and light colours demonstrate the beauty of space discouraging excess items and flourishes.  Japandi’s appeal goes hand in hand with the desire for eco and sustainable expressions of form and function.   To achieve the elements of this style, it is important to emphasize only quality pieces of furniture and eliminate excessive items. For this decluttering is key. 

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Moving Back to the UK from Europe and the Rest of the World

Posted on 18th April 2022 by The Aussie Team
Moving Back to the UK from Europe and the Rest of the World

Are you getting ready to move back to the UK from Europe or another part of the world? If so, there are a few things you need to know. This blog will talk about some of the most important things to consider when moving back to the UK, such as visas and healthcare. We’ll also provide some tips on making the process easier for you.

It can be hard to move home after living in another country after being used to a different way of life. For people who have spent years living in Europe or any other corner of the world, moving back to their home country can seem daunting. The good news is that it can be a relatively smooth process with a bit of planning and organisation. Here are some tips to make the process a little bit easier.

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Top Things to do in Bath When You’re in Town House Hunting

Posted on 13th March 2022 by The Aussie Team
House Hunting In Bath

Bath is a city that enjoys a widespread reputation as a great place to visit, as well as somewhere to put your roots down for would-be new residents. If you’re thinking of moving to any location that you’re not entirely familiar with, you should visit more than once for a few days at a time. This also means doing lots of research on house prices, the cost of living, and any local services you require.

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How Should I Store Household Items Long-Term?

Posted on 18th February 2022 by The Aussie Team
How Should I Store Household Items Long-Term?

If you’re looking at ways to create space at home, using container storage is an excellent way for people to safeguard their possessions for long-term periods. Additionally, container storage is an affordable storage option for both households and businesses alike. However, this doesn’t mean you should quickly pack everything up in boxes and put it into a storage unit. Is there a sure way to prepare things for long-term storage?

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Aussie Man & Van – Bath’s Favourite Removals Service for Smaller Homes

Posted on 18th January 2022 by The Aussie Team
Aussie Man & Van – Bath's Favourite Removals Service for Smaller Homes

If you’re planning your next relocation, it’s always worth starting as early as possible to avoid any issues. After you know when your moving date will be, your next step should be to look around to find a suitable and reliable removals company. And for residents of Bath, there is one company that fits the bill perfectly for your upcoming move.

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Our Guide for People Moving from Bath to Europe

Posted on 20th December 2021 by The Aussie Team
Trimming Running Costs for Retail Stores in Bath

If your next relocation is one where you’re moving overseas, you’ll have more than enough to organise leading up to the big day. That’s why you need to work with a reputable removals company to ensure everything runs smoothly. With so many to choose from in Bath, knowing which provider to book with is not always easy. So, before you commit, it’s essential that you do some research online to see what other people rate their services.

Aussie Man & Van operates throughout Europe and can relocate you to most cities and towns on the continent. We’re known as the best in Bath for overseas moves, and we have the right network of partner companies to handle any long-distance relocation. We’ll go through the basics you need to know to prepare correctly for your new start in another country.

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Posted on 20th December 2021 by The Aussie Team

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Why People Use Container and Self Storage in Bath

Posted on 15th November 2021 by The Aussie Team
Self Storage Bath

As many home and business owners agree, finding suitable storage space at home or work can be tricky. We tend to fill up any areas that aren’t in use with furniture, appliances, or boxes. This doesn’t happen straight away and is usually a gradual decrease in available space. That’s why many people choose to rent a storage unit with Aussie Man & Van. They want to stop overcrowding their house or workspace with things.

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Top Tips on Packing Correctly When Moving Home

Posted on 18th October 2021 by The Aussie Team
Top Tips on Packing Correctly When Moving Home

One of the worst outcomes for any relocation is dealing with damage and breakages, mainly because most are preventable. We hear our fair share of moving horror stories, and there are common problems that are true of most of them. People don’t bother to source decent packing materials and then rush to do everything during the final week of the relocation. And boxes and containers lead to dents and smashes because they weren’t strong enough to handle the items.

At Aussie, we always think about preventative measures rather than trying to do things afterwards or on the day of the move. It’s usually possible to take more care with a view of avoiding breakages, and we’ll go into more detail about how this works. We’re firm believers in a thorough level of preparation if you can achieve this, including the importance of using quality packaging materials.

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Choosing the Best Day to Move House in Bath

Posted on 16th September 2021 by The Aussie Team
Choosing the Best Day to Move House in Bath

When it comes to moving to a new house, most people don’t even think about picking a specific day of the week to book their relocation on. While this might seem like a minor detail, each day of the week can make a significant difference to your move. That’s why Aussie Man & Van tries to provide our customers with the correct information to help them choose the right day to move home in Bath.

Although most major cities have daily rush-hour traffic to deal with, different days are busier than others. And choosing the right day may help you avoid congestion and make it easier to load and unpack. If this sounds confusing at the moment, don’t worry. Aussie will always advise the most efficient day and times to undertake your removals job.

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