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Last-Minute or Emergency Removals in Bath and Somerset

Posted on 2nd December 2019 by The Aussie Team
Last-Minute or Emergency Removals in Bath and Somerset

Organising any relocation takes a lot of planning while you also have to look after the family and pets at home and keep the boss happy. At times, even people who book their removal service well in advance find themselves in an awkward position which requires urgent action. One of the common issues is the moving company phone the day before to try and reschedule when you must move out of your current home. Sometimes, they don’t turn up on the moving day!

In situations like this, you’re under massive pressure to get everything out of your property for the new owners, who might be arriving with a van full of possessions. This is especially true for anyone who’s selling, the transfers are through, and the change in ownership is complete. That’s why you might need a last-minute removals service, and you’ll find everything you need with Aussie Man & Van.

What Happens When I Need a Removal Booking at Short Notice?

If something like this happens, the first thing you’ll need to do is contact us at Aussie Man & Van straight away. Although the time constraints are much shorter in this instance, the process is much the same as any other relocation. We’ll go through a quick but thorough of assessment of the items you’re relocating with and the rest of the relocation’s details.

Once this is done, we’ll provide you with a free, no-obligation quote and advise the most suitable removals package. It’s worth noting that we only recommend the most cost-effective service that’s as efficient as possible, and we’re very conscious of our carbon output. After we agree on everything, we’ll book you in and arrange for the most suitable time to send our removal’s team over to start.

Due to the need to expedite everything, we may need to dispatch our removal’s team out without pause to get things started. If there are any specific things we need to take into account, we’ll likely send someone to ensure we know the finer details. We must safeguard your possessions during the packing, relocation and unloading stages. The main thing to remember is to contact us now to get things underway.

Man & Van or Home Removals Services –

Even though we’re now in full last-minute job mode, it’s still crucial that we match your needs with the right removals service. This means choosing the right removal vehicle and the correct number of team members. Then, once we have completed a thorough assessment of your possessions, we will be able to suggest the most suitable removals package.

If your new location is in Bath or Somerset, we will suggest using our man and van service. Aussie’s Man & Van package is ideal for apartments or houses with less than three bedrooms. The smaller vans are simpler to load in densely populated areas without causing an obstruction. Additionally, the man with a van vehicle is more accessible to navigate through heavy city-centre traffic.

For people who have houses with more than three bedrooms, we will typically use our Home Removals service. The larger removals vans can pack and take everything in one journey. Our team have plenty of experience with loading these vehicles in busy areas, and we’ll ensure to keep any disruption to a minimum.

Aussie Man & Van – We Accept Last-Minute Removals Jobs in Bath –

Aussie Man & Van now have our roots firmly in Bath, and we love working with people and business in this amazing city. In a relatively short time, we’ve grown into one of the area’s fastest-growing removals providers with a loyal group of customers. We serve the whole of Bath and Somerset, and you’ll regularly see our removal’s van in other areas for relocations.

Customer service is paramount to us, and we aim to complete each job to achieve 100% satisfaction. That means offering more removals options to match our client’s needs exactly. Aussie’s range of services and individual removals packages are part of our ‘all under one roof’ ethos. We’re the ‘can-do’ company that can take on last-minute relocations for people who need our help.

There’s no time to delay! Get in touch with us today, and we’ll send out our removal’s team to get your relocation back on track.