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International Removals Bath!

Moving Abroad With Aussie International Removals Bath!

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Moving Abroad With Aussie International Removals Bath!

As our name suggests, at Aussie, we’re more than a little adept at moving people overseas. In fact, we have professional links all around the world, meaning we can get your belongings to any place on earth, without using other companies. We can start planning your overseas move today, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how effortless such a huge and daunting job can feel when you leave it in our hands. With our renowned ‘can-do’ attitude, an Aussie overseas move, taking you from Bath to any destination country, is never the brutal slog you might have feared. From beginning to end, our service is unfailingly friendly, efficient and reliable.

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Aussie Bath International Destinations

As one of Britain’s most popular and successful removal companies, our Bath depots handle thousands of moves yearly, and we have Aussie staff in New Zealand, China, Hong Kong, Australia, Canada, South Africa, Africa, the US, Continental and Eastern Europe. And let’s not forget Singapore. Your international move will never be passed over to any old joe in some third-party company; we used stringently vetted partners so that your move remains under the Aussie umbrella throughout. And that remains the case, no matter where you’re going.

Moving Abroad, Leaving The Worry Behind

Why take worry with you? As your movers, we’ll ensure that the experience is free of stress and anxiety so that you can keep running your life during your move. We can take on as much of your move as you like, doing all the packing (taking great care to make sure everything’s packaged and labelled appropriately), all the loading on and off vehicles and all the unpacking at the other end. We can leave you completely set up in your new home, with every item in your inventory placed where you want it in your new home. If you prefer packing up yourself, then we can supply you with brilliant, export-quality packing materials so that you know your goods will be safe in transit. We have moving planners who’ll make sure your relocation is scheduled and timetabled properly, leaving nothing to chance.

Start your overseas move today by placing a telephone call to us and we’ll get cracking. We can provide you with a quote over the phone or visit you in person, with the latter option particularly useful for large moves. Our no-obligation quotations are clearly laid out and easy to understand, and we will take into account the precise requirements of your move, tailoring our approach to fit. You’ll see, on paper, a moving plan that takes full account of the size, timing and budget of your relocation. From that point on, you can relax and let us take charge.

No one ever said moving overseas was the easiest thing to do, but we’ll help you with any bureaucracy you might have to deal with (e.g. customs), ensuring all the necessary documents are in place and at hand, just when you need them. Our moving checklist will help you stay on track and you’ll also find us at the other end of the phone whenever you need advice, moving tips and related support.

Our accreditation

We’ve part of BAR (the British Association of Removers). This means we’re held to high standards of professional conduct and service.  This gives you a twofold assurance that you’re getting a top-quality, world-class service that treats you and your belongings with the utmost of respect and consideration. When you’re upping sticks from one country to another, peace of mind is more valuable than ever. When you make that move with Aussie, you can breathe a sigh of relief because the hardest part is over and everything is going to go smoothly.


No matter the limitations of your budget or the pressures of time, Aussie can move you abroad. Our moving service is adaptable to all sizes of wallet. Your Moving Co-Ordinator means you have a single point of contact from start to finish, instead of having to manage an ever-growing contacts list.

Smaller moves (e.g. studio flats) are well-suited to our part-loads service. This allows you to share a moving consignment with other clients, saving your money. For large moves, a dedicated, exclusive shipping container is more appropriate.

Different International Moving Options

Moving overseas comes with an array of options. There’s sea, air, and road. The destination and size of your move, plus the required schedule, will usually make one option more suitable than another. Sea freight has a six-weeks-to-two-months time-frame. Air, of course, is quicker – roughly seven to ten days. Have a look at the individual international pages to get more information. And don’t worry if you’re not sure; our moving advisors will help you quickly determine the best method for your move. Sea freight is a possible option for destinations beyond Europe; road is quicker and, if you’re moving within Europe, also affordable.

Getting Started

Our Free, no-obligation quotation form is a good starting point if you already know what your move will entail. If you’re at the outset of a large, more complicated relocation, and may not even know how much stuff you’re bringing with you, then we’ll arrange to pay you a visit and conduct an exhaustive survey. For a phone consultation, call us on 01225 439 266 . But no matter how you begin, with Aussie you’re well on your way to an easygoing, relaxed moving experience. We’ll be prompt, courteous, dependable and, always, helpful. We’re not called the ‘can-do’ company for nothing.