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Good Habits for Remote Workers in Bath

Posted on 18th May 2021 by The Aussie Team
Good Habits for Remote Workers in Bath

You’ll find plenty of advice about setting up an office at home and the devices and other equipment to create the ideal workspace. But there’s another side to remote working that doesn’t get nearly as much attention, and it needs more airtime. Remaining productive is vital and a difficult challenge, especially if your boss counts the minutes. It involves changing everything and being mindful of well-being in equal measure.

At Aussie Man & Van, we’re all too aware of the struggles freelancers, and remote workers are going through. Even as workplaces open as lockdown restrictions ease, many of us will remain working from home for the foreseeable future and possibly permanently. This article will look at ways to create and implement a better daily routine that promotes healthier approaches.

Top Tips for Working from Home –

Remote working has been given a rebirth in popularity due to the pandemic. Now that restrictions are easing, it’s likely more offices will reopen. However, the expectation is a mix of workplace and home flexible working patterns. This gives more diverse options for business owners when they organise work duties and strategy.

Workers stand to benefit the most, especially for people who need flexibility outside of a typical working day. There’s always a caveat to consider, though, and many of our customers who work remotely complain about distractions. Plus, they’re taking on more work with too much emphasis on clocking on.

The latter point isn’t always due to unscrupulous employers – it’s evident that self-imposed working habits also lead to an obsession with productivity. Then there’s the issue of our notification culture and never switching off. So, let’s explore some better habits we can also consider for anyone working from home.

Productivity: A Space of Your Own –

We’ll begin with your current workspace, and why it’s vital that you have a dedicated place to complete your daily tasks. Lots of people use the kitchen table as their base of operations. Apartments rarely have enough space, so it’s there or the settee for many people. Ideally, a spare room conversion for a home office is the best option.

However, we know that smaller properties simply don’t have this sort of space available. We’re going to start with an absolute necessity – you need to create a distraction-free area. Assuming you don’t have a spare room, the next best option is a dividing partition. You can find some reasonably priced ones online. Using a separator will put a barrier between you and the temptations in your home.

These portable partitions won’t wholly separate you, especially if there are family members at home during the day. However, they do a good enough job of walling you off from the rest of your house or flat. You’ll need a desk and any devices relevant to your work inside of this area. Once you’re inside your dedicated workspace, your office day begins.

The one place we suggest as a bad place to work is in bed. There’s a need to separate your home life and working schedule. You’ll end up burning out and interrupting sleep patterns, which will have a knock-on effect. We suggest being firm with yourself and make your bedroom a computer-free zone.

Blocking – How to Organise Your Day –

Now we have your makeshift office in order, let’s move onto your daily routine. This one seems like the most straightforward because you know how your day needs to play out. But once you start delving in deeper, you might notice issues. Why are you struggling to cover your day’s workload?

Before you know it, late nights are common, and you’re feeling overwhelmed and lacking motivation. This is where honest evaluation becomes crucial. You’ll need to record your working pattern for a week, including breaks and procrastination. Don’t apply any judgement, just note everything you do down for now.

Once the week is up, you can identify areas for improvements and how to reduce any distractions. Additionally, you’ll be able to highlight the time of the day which suit certain duties. Having a beginning, middle and close of business for emails works well. There are also optional things like automation software if you do social media.

You’ll always need to be flexible and reorder blocks if something comes up or you’re unable to perform a specific task. It’s more about concentrating your efforts and improving your focus. Your daily and weekly schedule will soon become second nature. Hopefully, old bad habits will slip away, and new, proactive ones will be in their place.

Distractions? Turn off Mobile Notifications –

We live in an era with reminders for everything. You submit an email address to your favourite clothing company, and they’ll send you regular communications. The new series of your beloved series is fast approaching – you’ll know it’s getting closer to the premiere. Before you know it, your phone is pinging or vibrating non-stop.

The problem with the rise of notification culture is its detrimental effect on mental health and productivity. We’re only a vibrating reminder way from our devices and struggle to ignore them. There’s no longer a need to prompt to check out Facebook and Instagram – our phone tells us when new notifications happen.

For the sake of getting things in better running order, it’s time to turn off notifications for all your social media accounts. This will help you concentrate on work without that fear of missing out compulsion. To meet halfway, allocate two-time slots to check your platforms a day. Then you’ll get the best of both situations.

TV Breaks – How to Avoid Pleasant Excuses –

Much like the previous section, ‘TV’ is a popular excuse for procrastinators to slip away from their work duties. It’s slightly worse nowadays because we no longer need a television device to do it. The thing we use to work on is where most people consume entertainment. This will take some willpower and honesty to solve.

Luckily, there’s some help at hand, and you can block off individual websites using software. There’s no need to reprogram yourself to avoid this happening. Just download and block the offending sites during certain hours. Then you can treat yourself to an episode or film on an evening when everything is complete.

If you’re worried about gaming, simply unplug and move any devices out of your workspace. You can bring it all back after clocking off and spend your entire night playing your favourite game. But it’s never advisable to have a lunch hour on the Xbox or PlayStation. Instead, think of better ways for spending any downtime.

Healthy Breaks – Light Exercise and Fresh Air –

There’s nothing quite like shaking off the cobwebs with some exercise outdoors. A brisk walk around your local area works wonders for your concentration and ability to be present. You’ll burn calories and get some fresh air, and many people find it’s an excellent way to clear the mind. Many attribute the ability to solve complex problems afterwards.

For those who need something more involved, consider some home gym equipment. A short session on the rowing machine or run on the treadmill will meet your cardio targets. Multigyms for some weightlifting while you listen to your Spotify playlist. These are all much healthier options than consuming entertainment or checking the news.

Much like your workload, remember to block off time and stick to it wherever possible. If you only have thirty minutes, remember to end your exercise at the agreed time. You can always supplement it later with a visit to the gym or an evening run. But you need to divide your time effectively to enjoy the benefits of organising your day.

Aussie Man & Van Bath – Remote Working and Well-Being –

At Aussie, we do our best to publish helpful content for our customers, even if it doesn’t directly relate to relocations. In addition to our range of removals and storage services, we also assemble home offices. If you’re planning on going for something more involved, get in touch. We can repurpose our removals packages to give you the perfect remote working set-up.

Customer service is the most important thing for the Aussie team. Whether it’s sharing the best tips for moving or how to work from home, we do both. We believe in helping people wherever we can, and there’s always someone available to chat about our services as well. Even if you’re mulling over having a home office, we can provide you with a free quote.

If you’re thinking of creating a home office or dedicated workspace, please contact us today. We can offer you some handy tips, in addition to providing details on our range of services.