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Office Removals Bath

During the lifespan of any business, it’s likely that a company will move at least once if not several times. Inevitably, its needs will change. A successful year of sales could mean expansion, new employees, larger orders and more space requirements. On the other hand, it may require downsizing, with fewer staff members and a reduction in workspace usage.

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Regardless of where your company is at present, if your premises requirements are changing, then it’s time to relocate to a new property or carry out an internal rearrangement within your current space. The single most crucial aspect of any commercial or office removals job in Bath is to keep downtime to a minimum. To do that, you’ll need an office removals company that can plan and then deliver a streamlined move to the highest possible standard of service that meets your business needs. That’s where Aussie comes in. We only use trusted personnel who are BAR-trained (British Association of Removers) and meet our rigorous criteria. And we don’t hand over parts of the job to sub-contractors (sometimes standard practice with other companies). We will work closely with you to agree a plan well in advance of the move date ensuring we understand your business needs and you benefit from our expertise on how to execute the relocation in a timely manner which keeps your staff happy and in the loop.

The Aussie team can undertake weekend/overnight moves, making sure everything is ready so your staff can resume their duties first thing Monday morning. And we won’t just move you any old way; we’ll assess your precise needs and then provide an office relocation service that’s tailored according to your requirements.


At Aussie, we don’t simply copy other removals companies. What sets us apart from the crowd is our ability to listen. The feedback we receive from our customers helps us to create and refine our removals packages. Not only that, listening is an essential part of our assessment process. We move over 10,000 homes and businesses every year and our exceptional customer service is reflected in outstanding reviews on Trustpilot and Google Reviews.


For each inquiry for an office removal that we receive, we undertake a thorough, detailed assessment of your business and how it works. It’s vital that we understand your company’s primary operations, as well as any specialist information that could affect the setup of your new office.

We will minimise the impact and disruption of your office relocation so that your business doesn’t suffer. Well in advance, we’ll accurately anticipate the total downtime your move will necessitate, and we can advise you as to keep your clients and sub-contractors appraised of developments. If you need us to, we will look after these relationships for the duration of your relocation. A strategic timeline and project plan will be put in place to ensure deadlines are met.

The Aussie Officer Removals team have years of experience of every type of removals and storage. They arrive promptly with the right tools, equipment and a suitable vehicle to undertake any job. We promise that every item, including delicate IT equipment, will arrive at your new premises in the same state that it left the old one. At Aussie, we deliver on our promises, and we’ll have your business up and running at full speed from day one.


Aussie’s in-house experts come with years of experience at overseeing and managing business relocations of all shapes and sizes. Our team can arrange everything from moves that require the exact same office layout as the one you’ve just left to moves that require brand new office design. If you want something fresh, we can assist in the redesigning and refurbishment of your new workspace.

With Aussie, no job is too great or too small; we’re known as the ‘can-do’ company because of the bright, indefatigable attitude we bring to every job. Whether you’re running a small business that needs a simple desktop relocation or a large corporation with entire computer and service rooms, we are up to the task.


Proper forward-planning is essential for any successful removals job. To ensure that each stage of your office move goes smoothly, we assign it a Personal Move Manager. Your Move Manager means you have a single point of contact who will guide you and your staff through every phase of your office relocation, drawing up a thorough and comprehensive timeline to keep everyone on the same page.

Your Move Manager means that the lines of communication never become cluttered and confusing. Furthermore, each person on your team receives timely updates as the move unfolds. Your Move Manager oversees the entire project and can identify any potential issues well in advance, heading them off before they cause a delay.


At Aussie, we know that the most efficient way to deliver an office relocation is overnight or during the weekend. Typically, these are much quieter and are when most companies aren’t open. By doing this, we can avoid you losing any business or communications with clients. You can leave your current office on Friday evening and arrive at another fully-functioning one on Monday morning.

Depending on whether you want an exact replication of your current office or a new design, we will assess the precise relocation and setup time. Your Personal Move Manager will create a plan with you to make sure that we minimise any downtime in conjunction with the necessary time to design your new office space.


The Aussie office removals service comes with aftercare, which remains available to you in the days and weeks following your move. This applies to all your furniture, IT, workstations and any equipment we install. Additionally, we can assist with repairs or further refurbishment, waste and recycling, long- or short-term storage and file/document management.

Our team is here to guide you through any teething issues. We don’t simply cut ties with you when the move is done; we care about the continued efficiency of your business operations.


Aussie has a range of services so your business can get everything it needs under one roof. We have various commercial storage options that can benefit every type of company. Our business storage team offer secure storage and inventory-management for all conceivable requirements.

Our brand-new storage facilities are the largest of their kind in Bath and the surrounding area. Security is optimal; we have 24-7 CCTV monitoring, each storage unit is hygienic and fire-proof with intruder alarms throughout the facilities (including the self-storage facility on Lower Bath Road).

We can handle everything from fine art to climate-sensitive office equipment. Your materials and equipment will have full protection from every type of damage.

Aussie also offers commercial self-storage for companies that require frequent access to their equipment and products. Our team are always available to help you plan for growth. We can reassess your storage needs at any time to ensure we’re providing you with the correct service.


IT relocation is one of the most sought-after services we provide. Our IT specialists use state-of-the-art handling equipment and will have your full network up and running, using the latest decommissioning/recommissioning techniques.

Aussie has dedicated IT consultants for every kind of migration service. We can work closely with your IT staff. From experience, we know how delicate IT infrastructure can be. We pack and store your hardware to ensure its safety and security. Then, we can clean all your IT equipment before we install it in your new office. PAT testing is available.