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Aussie Bath Storage Options at Our New Self Storage Facility in Bath

Posted on 18th October 2018 by The Aussie Team
Aussie Bath Storage Options at Our New Self Storage Facility in Bath

If you’re trying to create more space at home or the office, you should consider the benefits of using storage.And for people who need storage in Bath, you won’t find a better company than Aussie. Our storage facility is the best in Bath and the surrounding areas, and we work with people from all over Somerset. Storage is an excellent way to ensure your possessions are safe from theft or damage. And with three storage options available, you’ll find the right package for you at Aussie.

We’ve all heard about storage or read signs advertising it. But if this is all new, you might not know what type of storage you need. This is where our friendly Aussie Storage team comes in. We’ll discuss your situation and assess the items you plan on storing. Then we’ll suggest the most suitable storage option that matches your needs. The Aussie team will do everything we can to find the right service for your requirements.

Three Storage Options at Our Bath Facility

Aussie’s storage facilities in Bath have a variety of storage units and options to suit everyone’s needs. If you’re a small business owner who needs somewhere for surplus stock – we have something for you. Or if the garage is close to bursting point – no problem, there’s a storage package that fits your requirements.

Aussie Container Storage –this is ideal for long-term storage. A lot of people store their valuables and heirlooms, due to the high level of security at our facilities. This option is also popular with people who are storing furniture for future use.

Aussie Self Storage –perfect for short-term storage and people who need regular access. This option is frequently chosen by businesses who move their stock in and out on a regular basis. A lot of new start-ups and SMEs use Aussie Self Storage as their base of operations.

AusBox Storage –this innovative storage service combines elements of both the previous options, but on a smaller scale. The AusBox is a unique storage option that is ideal for people who need long-term storage at cheaper rates. You can also visit your AusBox four times a month without additional charges.

The Advantages of Storage in Bath

If there is one thing that most people don’t account for when they store things at home is the lack of knowledge around issues like damp. And it’s a leading cause for damage to household items, and difficult to detect. All you need is for a gap in your roof tiles or a lack of insulation, and water can creep in.

The truth is – most homes aren’t built to withstand the elements unless you undertake improvements yourself. And even with a decent alarm system, your house or flat is unlikely to deter or prevent break-ins. Storage is the only way to keep your possessions safe from theft or damage.

That’s because storage units are designed to withstand the most weather conditions and safeguard your possessions from theft. And when you store with Aussie, you’ll have the peace of mind that your belongings are safe and secure. Our facilities have state of the art security measures and twenty-four-hour CCTV monitoring.

Aussie – We’re Bath’s Favourite Home and Business Storage Provider

Aussie’s new branch in Bath is becoming the area’s favourite for storage and removals. Even in the short space of time of operation, we now work with thousands of happy customers every month. That’s why we’re already a five-star company, and you can see what our previous customers think of our service.

Customer service is our company’s number one priority. We believe that everything works better when we see things from our customers’ perspective. Many removals companies create one size fits all services, but that’s not good enough for us. The Aussie team takes time to listen to feedback from our customers to make sure we’re providing the right removals and storage services.

Aussie has a range of storage packages for domestic and business customers. It’s all part of our ‘all under one roof’ ethos. We’re the ‘can-do’ company that can take on any removals or storage job. Aussie Man & Van is operational in Bath, and we also serve the whole of Somerset and all neighbouring counties.

If you would like to discuss our range of storage options in Bath, contact us today. We have the right storage service for you.