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Auction Houses In and Around Bath 

Posted on 10th August 2023 by The Aussie Team
Auction Houses In and Around Bath 

Auctioneers and the removal and storage trade both operate in a similar field. At Aussie, we know that careful handling of valuables to preserve their quality is paramount during a removal job. As professionals working on the leading edge of the removals and storage field, we treat the personal items of our customers in the same way as if we were transporting them to the auction house.  In fact, Aussie Bath works not only with domestic customers but also with auction houses, as we have incorporated skilled handling procedures into all our training. With a wealth of auction houses in the West Country, many with strong international links, this age-old tradition of valuing objects is one we naturally align with. If you are interested in browsing through the extensive catalogues of some of the UK’s finest auction houses here are a few to be aware of.  Similarly, if you need items or estates to be valued, here are five of the experts that can guide you on your way. 

1-Clevedon Salesrooms

With a history dating back to 1860, Clevedon Salerooms is a long-established auction house famous for its regular fine art auctions and opportunities for collectors to purchase esteemed antiques, jewellery, and art.  Close to the M5 and 10 miles from Bristol it is easy to reach by car and there is copious parking on site. As members of SOFAA , they participate in maintaining and regulating high standards within the auctioneer and antique trade. Experienced valuers can provide free estimates on a valuation day or via email or home visits.  The Clevedon team can provide certified valuations for Probate, Insurance, and Family Division.  With popular Antiques and Interiors sales, international designers and collectors are linked to their catalogues.  Showcasing antiques with high-resolution images and thorough condition reports allows overseas buyers to purchase with confidence. The large three-weekly interiors auction attracts a local West country crowd of traders, collectors, and enthusiasts.  Specialist auctions are held quarterly and attract a lot of international buyers.  Wander through the Saleroom’s extensive departments online to delight in the aesthetics of times gone by. 

2- Wessex Auction Rooms 

Wessex Auction Rooms in Chippenham Wiltshire is easy to reach from the M4 with convenient spacious parking in abundance. Established 30 years ago, popular auctions have been taking place here regularly.  Expect more in the way of music memorabilia, vintage toys, and a pleasant laid-back approach.  Valuations can even take place over coffee at the auction rooms, or via home visit. With a professional affordable House clearance service, they are able to assist with the sale process of valuables, disposal of unsaleable items, and the full preparation of a property for sale. Plus, the items from the house clearances guarantee a surprising range of stock for auction, allowing bargain hunters to get a bit of action! Departments include vinyl and music collectibles, football memorabilia, 20th-century decorative arts, and all the usual suspects. 

3- Gardiner Houlgate Auctioneers

Proud to uphold the lineage of auctioneering, Gardiner Houlgate is a leading auctioneer in the UK. With a strong international presence and reputation, they are able to offer their clients access to their worldwide market.  With a specialist category of musical instruments and guitars, they are known in the field for their range of collectable guitars and musical equipment. Based in Corsham in Wiltshire, they operate from four specialist salerooms and have high-security storage on hand. Easily found from the M4 and less than 30 minutes on the A4 from Bath. Their specialist team can assist with sales, from valuing single items, to handling the contents of an entire house. Stunning jukeboxes in their Decorative Art and Design light the way to their Art deco and Art Nouveau collections, which they continue to expand. 

4- Lawrences 

An hour and twenty minutes from Bath, in Crewkerne, is Lawrence’s Auctioneers. Another remarkable range of departments showcases a treasury of collectibles and art.  Their calendar of auctions is a good way of planning ahead for a specialist category.  With a team of specialists whose expertise can dig deep into the past, they offer free valuations at home, online or in Crewkerne or Westbury. In particular, they can handle an entire estate and guide their clients through the process. With a global network, their sales are internationally visible and of interest to collectors abroad, as their recent sale results demonstrate. 

5- Aldridges of Bath

Located in the city of Bath itself, Aldridges is a third-generation family business.  Operating in Bath for over 40 years Aldridge’s auctions are now all online. Public viewing of the auction wares is available on the Saturday and Monday prior to each sale. All catalogues are published one week in advance. For valuations, make an appointment on Mondays and Saturdays.  Advice for sale items is also available upon contact with the team.  For more information on forthcoming auctions, visit their calendar online. 

Buying a house at auction in Bath 

Another high value specialist area to come under the gavel is property at auction. While buying at auction may seem like a daunting process, if you have a knack for renovations and a good building team to hand it can also be an exciting one. Here are some of the benefits of buying a house at auction. 

  • Bargains – bargains are an endangered species in today’s property market, however there is still the space to find one if you buy at auction.
  • Simplicity – once you bid successfully on a house it is yours. You will be free from the vicissitudes of the housing chain, gazumping and general instability.  Within 28 days of the auction the property will be yours and you can get going with your plans. 
  • Predictability of completion. Within 28 days you will be completing, and you will have had time to research in advance any issues that would have changed your decision, making the process more predictable. 
  • Incentive of financial gain through rental opportunities, renovation, and potential gains from resale. 
  • Information about the property is available prior to the sale, including searches, title deeds, leases, and planning permissions.  With thorough advance research, you can be sure of no surprises after the sale. 
  • Competitive bidding means you only must stay one bid ahead of your competitor and reach the reserve price to land the property. There is the chance the price may be well below what an estate agent would be asking for so there is a chance of a good deal. 

Aussie Bath – low-risk removals and storage in Bath 

Buying a house at auction can be a little risky if you don’t have the time to research thoroughly in advance. Seeking advice from solicitors, builders, and surveyors will be essential in the preparatory process.  Hollis Morgan in Bristol specializes in selling houses at auction and can offer advice if you are new to the process.  When it comes to moving time, Aussie Bath can guarantee you a low-risk and high-quality service, as well as advise you on the most economic package on offer.  Whether you need to move valuables to a new home, to another location, or even store them, we are the experts to invest in.  If you need our small moves team, or to relocate an office or business premises, we will make your moving experience into something akin to fine art. Get in touch with us today for a quote or discuss all the options.