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A Dedicated London to Bath Removals Service

Posted on 18th February 2024 by The Aussie Team
A Dedicated London to Bath Removals Service

Every year, thousands of people decide to leave London behind in search of a better quality of life. For many people, the hustle and bustle of life in the capital becomes too much. And with the rising cost of living yearly, it makes sense to find somewhere that combines good value for money with many scenic views.

Many former Londoners choose Bath and other places in Somerset as their new home. What’s the best option for people relocating from London to Bath this year? We’ll discuss everyone a prospective new Bathonian must know before and after unpacking in their new home.


  • Aussie’s Dedicated London to Bath Removals Service
  • What Are the Sought-After Areas in Bath?
  • Can You Commute Between Bath and London?
  • How Much Does It Cost to Live in Bath?
  • What Makes Bath and Somerset so Popular?
  • Essential Local Information for New Residents
  • Self Storage Offers Robust Moving Solutions
  • Best Practices for Preparation and Packing

Aussie’s Dedicated London to Bath Removals Service

Aussie successfully relocates thousands of people into Bath and Somerset annually. The route was so popular that we created a new dedicated service between the cities to add to our range of removal packages. We can now offer a London to Bath Removals service that aims to improve efficiency and reduce your costs. Our range of removal services makes it possible to meet the requirements of any home and business customer.

The Aussie team can collect you from anywhere in London and the neighbouring counties. Our popular removal packages are our Man & Van and Home Removals services. We will assess your situation in detail and provide you with a free, no-obligation quote for your move to Bath. And if you need storage, we also have excellent domestic and business options.

At Aussie, having a range of removal packages and related services relates directly to our ‘can-do’ ethos. For us, it’s all about providing a high standard of customer service. And this means having a variety of options on offer for potential customers. A successful relocation starts with a solid plan, and that’s why our London to Bath service is the best option for your upcoming relocation.

What Are the Sought-After Areas in Bath?

Although there is much prime real estate in the city, many prefer other options. Fortunately, Bath is surrounded by many smaller villages and towns, and we’ve compiled a shortlist of the more popular ones.


A quaint village two miles east of Bath, Batheaston is on the north bank of the river Avon and has all the charm and green spaces you’d expect from an English village.


This busy little village is situated northeast of Bath. It’s quieter than Bath, so it would appeal to people who want more local amenities and a slower pace than the city.


This village has famous landmarks, such as Landsdown Hill, Beckford’s Tower and Sir Grenville’s Monument. It’s a medium-sized village surrounded by lots of green spaces.

Combe Down

Combe Down is where many people go for the famous Bath Skyline walk. The south of the village offers spectacular views of the Midford Valley.


Bradford-on-Avon is a popular town boasting an array of pubs, restaurants, and historic buildings. It’s also known for being family-friendly and has an excellent school and college.


Melksham has an active business industry, five supermarkets, a swimming pool, high street shops, pharmacies, and restaurants.

Can You Commute Between Bath and London?

A commuter town is often thought to be in a county that directly connects to Greater London. While there’s some truth, it’s mostly down to how much travelling you’re willing to undertake. And for some people, leaving London completely behind isn’t an option. However, for those who do need to be in the capital regularly for work, no problem.

It takes roughly ninety minutes by train, allowing you to answer emails and prepare for your day. And though this is a three-hour journey, many people only travel twice or thrice weekly. This gives you ample time to do admin tasks or read over that day’s data.

One advantage of living and working in this business era is the ability to work from home meaningfully. Remote working is something lots of businesses are getting on board with. It’s an ideal way to improve productivity and apply flexible working options. You can do your weekly morning meetings via Zoom or Skype, and no one has an excuse for not attending.

How Much Does It Cost to Live in Bath?

Even though Bath is usually cheaper than London, you should only assume this is accurate for some expense types. You’ll need to do your homework and thoroughly understand things like average property prices. In nearly all respects, the cost of living in Bath is cheaper than in London, but it can still be pricey.

So, go through Bath’s data on websites like Numbeo to see how it stacks up to London and other areas. You can also consider lowering your property outlay by looking into fixer-up buildings on sites like Trovit. There are online and in-person property auctions to consider. 

The more preparation you put into the planning stage of your relocation increases the possibility of finding a property that’s excellent value for money. And what’s more, Bath is the ideal place when buying a house as an investment. The housing market here is favourable because, unlike other parts of the UK, Bath has enjoyed increased property prices.

What Makes Bath and Somerset so Popular?

When it comes to moving to enjoy a better quality of life, Bath is right up there with the most sought-after areas in the UK. People who enjoy spending time outdoors will fall in love with Bath. Whether you’re an avid walker or enjoy an afternoon stroll, Bath has some excellent walking routes. Most notably, the Bath Skyline walk is a favourite for residents and visitors and is doable all year.

The vibrant city and towns balance out with Bath and Somerset’s green spaces and scenic views. If you’re looking for a slice of British history and culture, look no further. Bath has some of the most iconic historic landmarks and sites in the UK. 

The Roman Baths give visitors an accurate glimpse into the past with interactive learning features. The city is a World UNESCO Heritage site, and the area isn’t short of famous abbeys, churches, and castles.

Unlike other cities, Bath has various types of properties to choose from nearby. If you’d prefer something quieter than city life, many smaller villages and towns surround or close to Bath. You can find the perfect quaint village, hop into your car, and be in Bath within ten minutes.

Essential Local Information for New Residents

Bath offers abundant resources and amenities to support newcomers. Consider an overnight visit to explore the city while house hunting, enabling informed decisions and a seamless transition into the Bath lifestyle.

Council Services and Government Resources

Understanding the local council services and government resources is essential as you relocate to Bath. Bath & North East Somerset Council oversees various vital services, including planning permissions and waste management. Familiarising yourself with these resources ensures a smooth transition into the community.

Schools and Education

For families moving to Bath, navigating the education system is crucial. Bath offers a range of primary and secondary schools, along with specialised provisions. Contact the local council for comprehensive information on enrolment processes and educational support services. Refer to our previous blog for additional insights on relocating with children.

Emergency Services and Healthcare

Prioritising safety, familiarise yourself with Bath’s emergency services and healthcare facilities. Locate nearby fire and police stations and save emergency contact numbers—research general practitioners and healthcare providers for timely access to medical care upon arrival.

Local Traders and Essential Services

Securing essential services is vital for your new home. Bath features various local traders and businesses offering building work, plumbing, electricians, utilities, internet services, and home maintenance solutions. From utility setup to plumbing services, these local establishments alleviate moving-related stress.

Amenities and Recreation

Explore Bath’s amenities to enhance your relocation experience. Parks, recreational facilities, healthcare centres, and public transportation options are available. Embrace the vibrant Bath community by taking advantage of these offerings.

Self Storage Offers Robust Moving Solutions

When you’re making the big move from London to Bath, self storage becomes your best mate. It’s a game-changer for bridging those pesky gaps in moving dates, saving your bacon if unexpected hiccups leave you in a storage pickle. Plus, it’s a lifesaver for securely stashing your gear during the moving shebang.

Once you’re sold on storage, finding a top-notch facility in Bath is straightforward – Aussie’s got your back. Still, it’s savvy to get at least three quotes for comparison. Keep an eye on those Google ratings, aiming for a sweet spot of 4.5 stars and above. And hey, forget about hauling your stuff to storage – we’ll sort out a removal van to do the heavy lifting for you.

Do you need pro tips for packing that storage unit like a veteran mover? Dive into our previous blog for the lowdown on loading and organising your gear to make the most of your space and breeze through the moving day like a boss.

Best Practices for Preparation and Packing

There’s a good place for common sense when packing your belongings properly when moving from London to Bath. The following steps will put you on the right track:

  • Decluttering and minimising possessions before the move is sensible because it may reduce the cost of your relocation if you reduce your overall volume enough. If the items are in good condition, you can sell them or donate them to a local charity. It also doesn’t make sense to take things you rarely or never use with you to your new home.
  • Next, the “three Rs” approach (reduce, reuse, recycle) is used to manage belongings during the packing process responsibly. Try to reduce new purchases and single-use packaging leading up to your move.
  • Recycle wherever possible – there are loads of points across Bath and Somerset. Finally, repurpose anything with alternative uses, including selling or donating to charity.
  • It’s a good idea to source quality packing materials and supplies, including where to purchase or acquire them locally in Bath. Don’t fall foul of the temptation of freebies from the local store – these boxes are prone to breaking.
  • Many of our customers pack non-essential items well before the move date, ensuring a smoother transition on your moving day.

The final consideration is to add a packing service and discuss options with movers for added convenience and efficiency. You’ll have the assurance that professionals are handling and loading your possessions, and it’ll free you up to take on other pressing tasks.

Aussie Man & Van – Our Unrivalled Dedicated London to Bath Removals Service

Aussie is a part of Bath’s business community, and we serve the whole of Somerset and the neighbouring areas. Although we’re a relatively new company in the city, we already have many regular customers and new ones every week. We have been operational throughout London for decades, so we have a proven track record for service delivery.

Customer service is paramount to us, and we aim to complete each job to achieve 100% satisfaction. That means offering more removal options to match our client’s needs precisely. Aussie’s range of services and individual removal packages are part of our ‘all under one roof’ ethos. We’re the ‘can-do’ company that can take on any removal job.

Contact us today if you would like to discuss our dedicated London to Bath removal service. Our dedicated London to Bath removal service will keep your costs low while providing the highest standard of customer service.