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Specialist Removals, Storage & Cleaning Services for shared workspaces & Co-Working

If you’re one of the many indies, start-ups (or individuals) using shared workspaces, then there’s an all-new Aussie service designed especially to help you move in and out and to continue supporting you during your tenure with any of the co-working/shared office companies, from Spaceworks to Fora, HubbleHQ, Workspace, WeWork and more. Moving into a shared workspace is not the same as moving into private rented offices; there are different priorities and considerations and using any old removal company may mean that the task ends up in the hands of people who don’t understand how shared workspaces are run. We’ve worked closely with almost all of these companies and have excellent working relationships with them. And from time to time, we’ll be able to offer exceptional discounts on our already-competitive Shared Workspace moving rates.

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The hazards of office relocation are well-known, but moving into (or out of) shared workspaces come with an additional array of things to think about. The good news is – those are things for us to to handle. You won’t have to. We’ll assign you an Aussie Move Manager, someone who’s always fully apprised of the details of your move and who can brief you and your team so that everyone is on the same page in the run-up to their move. Your Move Manager is experienced, trained and highly competent, with an insider’s knowledge of the various shared workspace companies.

From crate hire to packing materials, IT migration and weekend moving, we’ve got it covered. Aussie will work closely with you to plan the move according to your precise requirements and in such a way that your business will not need to suffer down-time and consequent financial loss. Our movers, drivers and packers are great at working together to ensure our clients’ businesses don’t slow down because of a move. We’ve been doing what we do since the end of the old Millennium and run a fleet of vari-sized vehicles, matching your move to exactly the equipment and transport that it needs.

As moving day approaches, we’ll keep you and your team up to speed using clear, concise documents, worded in an unfussy and straightforward fashion. Depending on which shared workspace company you use, we should also be able to offer early, nighttime and weekend moves, so that you really hit the ground running by leaving your old office at close of play and then starting up again the following morning in your new space, as if nothing had happened.

In our two decades-plus of moving, we’ve constantly licensed to client and industry feedback and got better and better. That’s why we’re extending our expertise to the world of shared workspaces, bringing our ‘can do’ attitude along for the ride. You’ll find an array of complementary Aussie services that can help keep you on track once the move is over. We can house your documents (with an easy retrieval system) to give you more space, we can store and administer your inventory. We have cleaners and a shredding service. And that’s just for starters.

We’ve moved almost every conceivable kind of company from old offices to new. The Aussie Shared Workspace service is a confident step into the future. Contact us today to find out more.