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Specialist Removals, Storage & Cleaning Services for residential developments

The Aussie ‘can do’ attitude that revolutionised the removals industry in London and the UK in the 2000s is now available to the managers, owners and residents of new residential blocks. Our competitive rates cover a comprehensive array of services, from removals to furniture assembly, plumbing, electrics, carpentry and placement of furniture. We’ve already worked with a variety of new-build residential complexes in the capital and beyond. We can move in all your residents at a discounted rate, generating a fee for management agents every time one of your clients uses us. Our bolt-on services include start- and end-of-tenancy cleaning, storage and self-storage.

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The Aussie New Residential Blocks service is perfect for developments of all kinds, from retirement compounds to luxury co-living/co-working spaces to new-build estates of any size and shape.

We’ve worked with Tipi, the 360-degree living concept that’s disrupting the rentals market with its cutting edge approach to shared living/working property, in which residents not only live but also work, exercise and relax. Aussie can provide the majority of stand-by services your residents are ever likely to need.

Our dedicated teams of highly trained movers, drivers and packers will get your residents settled in your complex. Long before that, we’ll have made ourselves fully aware of the building’s layout and we’ll arrange separate morning and afternoon teams so that lifts don’t end up clogged up and unusable by residents. Our aim is to slip in and out without causing noise or frustration to your existing residents.

Aussie have built a formidable reputation over two decades. By taking us on, your tapping into a network of experts that stretches around the world.