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Specialist Removals, Storage & Cleaning Services for Interior Designers

Aussie’s service for interior designers and interior design companies is tailored from top to bottom to make your work easier. All the wearying bits, from stock management to making sure the right pieces are delivered to the right homes at the right times, can be left down to us. You can be left to do what you do best; your inspired design work. Hand in hand with us, your business will be revolutionised. Efficiency will go through the roof and we’ll make sure we grasp every last complexity that makes your company unique, so that we can help you just where you need it most.

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Your Aussie account manager will mean that you only have to remember one number. We’ll match you with a manager who understands interior design and knows what you need before you’ve ever asked for it. Your account manager will do all the necessary liaising with the appropriate delivery companies and manufacturers. Your inventory will be housed in an Aussie warehouse until it’s time for it to go to the property you’re working on. Not only will we take receipt of it all, we’ll check it for damage and defects and create a photographic inventory.

Once your project is nearing completion and it’s time for the relevant parts of your inventory to be dispatched to the property, we’ll organise it. If you use our optional white-glove service, not only will we organise delivery, we’ll send Aussie personnel (all of them appropriately trained and full of the Aussie ‘can do’ spirit) to the property to receive the goods, unwrap them, check them and then place them in the pre-agreed rooms and places. All waste and packaging will then be removed by us and prepared for recycling wherever possible.

Aussie’s interior designers’ service is the answer to the question: ‘how can I transform my interior design company?’. All your energy can now be spent on better and better design