Aussie’s Work Ethics – The Can Do Company!

At Aussie Man and Van, we have a good and positive ethical code of conduct, which has been executed through strong leadership. The senior managers set standards to which we all adhere. Everyone is treated equally and fairly. Strong ethics are definitely a great asset – they help to put us in a credible position in the highly competitive removals market.

The most important attribute we possess is our “can do” attitude. That’s why it’s plastered all over our vans! Even when we are fully booked, our crews are always willing to come in on their days off and are happy to do evening jobs. In the office, the telesales representatives endeavour to respond to every enquiry within a sixty-minute timeframe. Teamwork is crucial to surviving in a busy workforce. At the end of the day, no matter how experienced we are, we will always need support from others around us. We believe that integrity, courtesy and friendliness go a long way, giving customers the confidence to trust our knowledge and advice.

It is important for all employees to have a sense of purpose. Studies show that this can even add years to a person’s life. A sense of responsibility also goes a long way, encouraging employees to turn up on time and helping them to give 100% of their effort and attention to jobs. We believe that our teams are made up of happy, high-performing individuals and we have a very low turnover of staff.

The knowledge that Aussie is a great, dependable company is very reassuring for our clients. We are confident that they will be pleased with the high standards of any of our employees. On occasion, we’ve had customers requesting only Australians or Kiwis, and being shocked that the removal men who turned up where not all of an Australian background. We open our vacancies to people of diverse backgrounds, regardless of their ethnicity and nationality. We recruit on the basis of experience, willingness to learn and, of course, awesome personality!