Aussie’s Packing & Unloading Service in London

Is Using a Man & Van Service More Affordable?

For anyone who has an upcoming relocation this year, the final week before the big move can be very chaotic. There’s so much to do in a short space of time, and everything seems to happen at once. It’s not just the relocation to consider – life doesn’t pause so we can tackle to move head on, and most of us have family and work happening at the same time. That’s where many people come unstuck, and the stress levels shoot up to the highest settings.

Aussie Man & Van is the solutions removals and storage company, and we approach everything with a problem-solving attitude. We have one add-on service ideal for busy people who need a helping hand (or two). Our Packing service is here to provide you with a get-out-clause when it comes to the moving task everyone dreads. We’ll discuss the benefits of this package and many others in this article.

What Does a Professional Packing Service Entail?

People usually take on the packing duties themselves without checking if their movers do this as an optional service. It’s a tricky task that often has to take place closer to the relocation day. This can become a slog, especially if you leave too many things for the final week. You might find yourself running in circles trying to get everything ready.

Fear not – Aussie Man & Van always has a solution at hand, even for trickier removals situations. We offer a packing add-on for all our removal services. Working with Aussie means, we’ll assist with any aspect of the planning stages, including the packing duties. We’ll help you coordinate your final week to ensure you’re ready.

A packing add-on service can be a lifesaver for anyone who has a busy schedule and struggles to find spare time. Some people work in high-pressure jobs with little downtime, and there are family duties on top to balance. That’s why we’re here to take some of this burden for you, giving you more time to deal with everything with us in your corner.

Planning Early When Relocating in London –

At Aussie, we place a lot of emphasis on preparation. We’re firm in our belief that putting more time in at the start will set you on the right path. One of the main contributors to a bad relocation is planning or lack of it, and during our twenty-plus years of removals, we’ve seen it all. From experience, we know this is where most issues begin, and most are avoidable.

When we plan out a job, it all starts with thorough planning and attention to detail. We have a dedicated assessment team that evaluates every inquiry rigorously. They’ll then create a free, no-obligation quote with a removal service suggestion for you to consider. You’ll then have costs to hand with details on the most efficient package for your requirements.

This is something we ask our customers also to do when it comes to preparing for a relocation. If you start by taking action today, you have a much higher chance of completing every task on time. It’s the best way to reduce stress and keep on top of things. A good place to begin is creating a moving checklist – you can see ours here to use as an example.

By listing every task out in full, you’ll have a good idea of the overall relocation and what steps you need to take. There’s no time like the present – don’t put things off until tomorrow if you can do them today.

Using Self Storage for Your Belongings –

There are several benefits of renting a storage unit when moving home. Many of our customers use it while organising, some doing so several weeks before the main packing starts. This works well for anyone who plans on doing the packing themselves because it gives you more space. It’s straightforward to begin boxing up without moving full containers out of the way.

Moving everything to the self storage unit as you go along will give you more room to manoeuvre. No more lugging full boxes and furniture in and out of rooms while you try to pack. When you work with Aussie for storage, there are no access limits during business hours. Furthermore, we can arrange to collect if you don’t have a suitable vehicle.

It’s also here as a contingency measure if you experience a significant setback. Some moves have delays, and it can cause problems if you’re already moving out of your current property. Luckily, you don’t have to panic when you have Aussie in your corner. We have three storage options to choose from, and there’s something for everyone’s situation.

Link Storage with a Man & Van Service –

Circling back to the previous section – not everyone has a big van or car to get their belongings to storage. It then puts them off using storage, and they chalk it up to another task they don’t need. At Aussie, we understand this, and we’ll assign our Man & Van service to provide you with a cheap way to transport your items into storage.

We’ll do the heavy lifting for you by merging this with a packing service. This means you won’t have to lift a finger – we can oversee everything while keeping you in the loop as we make progress. Rather than making things more complicated, using storage with Aussie makes it possible to delegate tasks to us. And you have the reassurance your possessions are in safe hands.

This is ideal for household customers, but it extends to London’s business community as well. The big advantage here is the ability to connect packages to produce a seamless, holistic service. Whether you’re moving from a five-bed house or relocating your entire office, Aussie is here to bring everything together. You won’t have to look around for other companies – our range of services will take care of it.

Home and Office Removal Packages –

Scale is everything when it comes to removals, and we understand how to measure it accurately. We’ll utilise larger vans we have at our disposal for jobs that have significantly bigger loads to transport. And we will add more team members if necessary for handling and unpacking purposes. This includes specialist removal equipment and packaging materials.

Our Home Removals is ideal for properties three bed and upwards, with no cap on the size of the property. We can fit all your possessions in one trip, making things more efficient for sizeable consignments. One of the advantages of working with a professional moving company is our ability to organise a vehicle to prevent collision during transit. This helps us protect your valuables from sliding around the removal’s van.

In addition to our domestic removals services, there are office and commercial relocations packages. We work with all business sectors for companies of all sizes, types of equipment and furniture. Aussie has clients from small businesses with a few employees through to multinational corporations with thousands. Our removal team have IT pros who can undertake your company’s system migration and the set-up of any related equipment. 

Efficiency and Cost-Effective Removals –

People often ask how we’re able to attain customer service levels and good value for money at the same time. The simplest answer is efficiency – we strike a balance by reducing timeframes and any downtime. This includes carbon emissions because we can save on costs where other companies might overspend on fuel usage. One of the drivers that we’re keen to further is improving our environmental impact.

We plan thoroughly and assess each part of your prospective move in detail. Doing this means we don’t waste time, giving us more opportunities to complete every part of your relocation. We’ll plot the moving day out in full, also taking traffic and roadworks into account, as well as parking restrictions. For more complex scenarios, we’ll assign a moving manager to oversee and coordinate our efforts.

This enables us to provide the most cost-effective removal service possible. Couple this with affordable storage, and you’ll have a successful relocation experience. We’re very proud of how highly our customers rates us, and you can read their scores and feedback here. This is further underpinned by Aussie’s Quality Policy, which provides our customers with a guideline for excellence and accountability.

Aussie Man & Van London – Let the Experts Take on your Packing –

Aussie Man & Van is the ‘can-do’ removals and storage company, and we strive to perform the highest standard of customer service. We believe in planning in detail because it improves how we evaluate and perform our removal services. Getting us to do the packing and unpacking for you will undoubtedly reduce your stress levels.

Leave it to the experts if you want to receive the best service delivery. We have handling skills and knowledge to protect and safeguard your belongings at every stage of the relocation process. And because we’re taking the packing duties on for you, it’s possible to spend your time dealing with other tasks.

For more information about adding a packing service to your removals package, click here to contact us. We’ll go into more detail about our range of services and will provide a free quote as well.