Aussie’s Best Sandwich Shops in London

Aussie Tukka

Aussie covers the whole of London and because we’re on the road a lot we often have to eat when we’re on the move. Because of this we’ve become well acquainted with many of London’s sandwich shops and we always like to pass on tips where we can. With that in mind, we’ve decided to put together a quick list of places where you can grab a great sandwich from – sound advice for those who’re only in the city for a short period and need something nice to eat.

One great thing about London is that you won’t have to go far to find great food but it’s sometimes a bit of a treasure hunt to find that perfect sandwich. We’ll start our list in Stable Street:

Dishoom’s bacon naan roll has become a truly famous sandwich in London and once you’ve had one you’ll probably want to try and fit two in if you can stomach it. Our advice is to get there well before closing time (11:30-am) or you’ll find yourself out of luck. Dishoom is a very popular eatery and we’d suggest getting there early to avoid disappointment. Next to King’s Cross as we pop into for something a little off-track – Batch Bakery are the kings of ice cream sandwiches and that might sound a bit odd, ice cream in a sandwich? Yup – it’s a thing and you really need to head into Batch to try one. A great idea for the hot summer days and it’s a taste sensation.

We’re heading to Hartwell Street now for some steamed buns at Yum Bum. Steam buns are a popular London delicacy now but the people at Yum Bum were there first, and they’re definitely the best place to get steamed buns with a variety of fillings that will melt in your mouth. Now we’re off to the market next, Spitalfield’s Market to be precise, and we’re going to order a true American sandwich which you’ve probably heard in many TV shows and films – the Philly Cheesesteak. Your mouth will thank you, your doctor might not. Full of rib eye steak, cheese and onions, it’s no surprise why this sandwich is a favourite. We love it – cheese lovers will want to eat one every day.

We’re moving across London to Shepherd’s Bush for some falafel at Mr Falafel. Mr Falafel is a favourite place to get some healthy falafels, made from scratch, with fresh vegetables and quality chickpeas, all complimented by a perfect blend of spices and sauces done the Palestinian way. You’ll be back for more falafel from Mr Falafel, and so will we. Next stop is Crouch Hill for something taking us back to some English cuisine – we’re having a ham, egg and chips roll at Max’s Sandwich Shop. It’s a typical snack food that’s cooked to perfection – slow-cooked ham, fried egg, shoestring fries and the works – Max’s is a must visit and this is a top-draw sandwich.

Our final destination is something a bit more mobile – the Aussie Tukka food truck can be found at many events, markets, festivals and it’s also available to hire for private parties. Everything is barbequed in the traditional Aussie style – fresh food for meat-eaters and vegetarians, with a variety of wraps to choose from. Follow them on social media and online to see where they’re their van is next.

For anyone that’s planning a move to London it’s always important to check out more than one area before making a decision, and at Aussie, we’re happy to talk you through any planning for your upcoming relocation, even if you’re at the early stages of planning. It’s essential to start doing some early online research but it’s also necessary to get to London a few times to scout thing out in person. And while you’re here you can test out the best food that London has to offer.

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