Why Aussie’s BAR (British Association of Removers) membership is good for you, the client

BAR Removals Company London

You may have spotted that Aussie is a member of the British Association of Removers (BAR). We operate in strict accordance with the BAR Code of Practice. In fact, Aussie Man & Van is the only man-and-van establishment with BAR membership. But all of this is as good as meaningless unless you know what it means for you, when you book us to do your move.

The difference between BAR members and their non-BAR counterparts is a chasm. Because we’re BAR-approved, it means that you’re assured a service that’s in an entirely different stratosphere. The BAR holds us to high standards in every single area of moving work, including the insistence that we be courteous and sympathetic at all times. The Code of Practice also holds us to using only the best materials, training all our staff members thoroughly and comprehensively, and keeping vehicles and warehouses in top condition.

BAR Removals Company London

Further to that, we also promise to create adverts and promotional materials that are honest and never misleading, and to give our clients quotations that are clear, with easy-to-follow schedules and rates that are not confusing. In the event of something going wrong, the BAR expects us to deal with matters quickly and sympathetically. We must offer you insurance (or similar protective options) and give you clear explanations as to our liability for loss/damage and the time-limit you have for making claims.

When you book your move with Aussie, our membership of the BAR really does mean that you can relax, knowing that you won’t be messed around. For example, if we cancel a removal more than ten days before the agreed date for the work, we are obliged to reimburse everything you’ve paid to us. And if we cancel less than ten days before the agreed moving date, then we have to pay you back 150% of the monies you’ve paid to us. It’s precisely because of these conditions that you can be certain that removers who belong to the BAR will turn up when they say they will and do the job as agreed. Alas, none of these standard or protections are in place with non-BAR removals companies who operate in an ethical hinterland where anything can happen (and usually does).