Aussie – London Community and Charitable Work Matters

It’s  the festive season and hopefully we’ve all been spending time with family and friends. Perhaps we managed to have some drinks with work colleagues before we closed up shop and turned on the ‘out of office’ on our emails. One thing that we can all add to our list is to see what we can do for our local charity or NPO.

The Aussie team are big fans of working in the broader London community. We take our ‘can-do’ ethos in everything we do. With that in mind, here are some of the charitable and community work we do, and why it’s especially important to us for the Christmas period.

The Slough Sleepout Event 2017 –

On the 25th of November, the Slough Sleepout Event took place and over fifty people had a taste of what it’s like for homeless people during winter. The event raises funds for the Slough Winter Night Shelter, as well as highlighting the issues facing our communities most vulnerable people. Aussie was asked to donate some packaging; we gave them sixty packing boxes which were used for the participants who slept out from seven-thirty until six-thirty the following morning.

Winter is cold enough at the best of times, which makes it hard to imagine having to sleep outside. The Aussie team always support good causes that strive to make a difference. You can see some of the feedback and photos from the event here. If you’d like to learn more about the organisation, you’ll also find their contact details here.

National Animal Welfare Trust – Christmas Gift Appeal –

Another organisation that Aussie works with is the National Animal Welfare Trust. Every week or fortnight, we take donations from our customers and team to them. A lot of these items things that our customers no longer need or use, often from decluttering their house before moving or using storage. Organisations like the National Animal Welfare Trust use these donations to sell in their shop to raise funds.

Aussie has a personal connection with the National Animal Welfare Trust. Our resident doggy team member Billie Jean Carter was a rescue dog that was adopted by the organisation and is an example the great work they do. Billie Jean is a healthy a happy dog, and their team did a great job helping her before we made her a part of the Aussie family.

National Animal Welfare Trust is running a Christmas Gift Appeal for the animals they’re caring for. If you want to donate a shoebox with treats for dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, or a mix, you can drop it off with them. Alternatively, if you have any donations of clothes, we can drop them off on our weekly visit. Visit their website for more details about them and their amazing work.

Aussie – Community Matters in London –

The Aussie team knows how important community work is, and that’s why we try to do our part. We’re proud members of the wider community of London, and every kind dead helps those who need it most. Especially at Christmas time, when NPOs and charities need as much assistance as they can get.

At Aussie, it’s essential that we continue to work with organisations like the National Animal Welfare Trust and the London and Slough Run. They both do work that is vitally important in our community, so we will help them raise awareness and back their campaigns whenever we can.

If you have any donations you’d like us to take to the National Animal Welfare Trust, please contact us. Please also check out both organisations websites to see how you can donate and possibly volunteer with them