Aussie – The Central London Removals Company

Since so many people are now renting out their central London properties rather than selling up, we’re finding ourselves doing more and more removals in central London, something we’re well-placed to do, given the handy locations of our sites and, more importantly, the years of experience behind us. It was in London that we started and where most of our activity today takes place. Our name may be Aussie, but we’re Londoners at heart, with a knowledge of the backstreets and short-cuts to rival that of a cabbie. More people renting out means more people moving in and, with the current state of the pound, foreign investment continues apace.

We know the capital like nowhere else and, indeed, some of our clients tell us that our logo-bearing vans and lorries are as familiar a sight to them as a red double-decker. We take enormous pride and pleasure in helping people from all walks of life get settled in their inner-city flats and houses. We can arrange parking suspensions  to make the process less fraught and more relaxed. We’re also an all-in-one service and many of those who move with us end up availing themselves of our well-situated storage centres . Among the options are containerised storage and the popular, somewhat revolutionary Auspod, designed to maximise space and minimise cost. So not only are we a removals company in central London, we’re also a ground-breaking storage provider.

If your requirements are smaller (for example, you’re moving to a studio), then we have a man and van in central London that’s just the ticket. Aussie Man and Van central London is our cost-busting, incredibly efficient service for jobs of a petite nature.

If you’re on the cusp of making a move in the middle of the capital, you couldn’t have found a better service than Aussie. We can also pack up all your possessions and then unload and reassemble everything at the other end. We offer competitive rates and our additional services, such as the Aussie Packing Shop, will make your move swifter and sweeter.