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If you’re busy planning your next relocation, it’s worth taking your time to make sure you book with the right removals company. Whenever someone pays for a service, there are certain expectations that we all hope the company will provide. However, this isn’t always the case, and even a basic level of service becomes a struggle between the customer and the company in question.

At Aussie, we often hear about the horrendous service some of our customers receive from previous relocations. The company they book with don’t turn up for hours, causing them to miss nearly an entire day. Damage to their old house that they need to repair when the boxes are taken out. More damage to the items when in transit due to poor packing. One case where they were due to arrive on Saturday and cancelled without informing the client. That’s why it pays to make sure you book with a reliable company like Aussie.

The Service You Should Receive When You Move in London –

When you book a removals service, there are some basic levels of service that need to be met. One of them is turning up on time, and it’s something that a lot of removals companies fail to adhere to. The Aussie team’s first promise is that we will turn up on time, and ready to get the job done. That includes having the right number of team members and equipment.

It’s essential that we work around your schedule. That’s why we are available to work on weekends, and if it’s necessary, after-hours during the week. Both services so cost extra, but we ensure that our out-of-hours rates are well below those in the industry.

Every job is assessed on its own merits. We don’t take a broad strokes approach to how we operate. From experience, we know that no two situations are the same, even if we deal with properties that are a similar size. Each job is assessed in detail well in advance of the moving day. We check for congestion and roadworks, to make sure we are as efficient as possible.

There are no hidden charges – you pay no more than the quote, and not a penny more. No matter what service you’re using for your relocation, you must make sure that you’re only paying for the price of the quote. This issue is a problem with less reputable companies, and it’s something Aussie is actively working to correct in our industry.

Our team are friendly and professional at all times. We are well known for our ‘can-do’ attitude, and it serves us well in every job we can on. It’s vital that we build a good relationship with our customers because we want them to return to use us for future removals.

Red Flags – Signs That You Might Be Booking with the Wrong Company –

You might have heard the saying ‘red flags’ before. If you haven’t, it generally means that there are warning signs to pay attention to. This is no different from booking a service like removals or storage. And if you hear someone use this phrase in connection with a company you’re considering using, take a step back and be objective.

The first sign that you might be embarking on your relocation with the wrong company is when you’re having issues contacting them. There are times when everyone is busy, and they can’t answer the phone or email straight away. Generally, though, you should receive a response within an hour or two. If you’re phoning and emailing with no response, this is a problem.

One way of working out what a company’s service might be like is by going online. Check out their Google Live reviews to get a better idea of what their previous customers thought of their service. If you see lots of four and five-star reviews, you should be fine to use them. However, if you see a pattern of ones, twos, and threes, you should check to see the comments.

Everyone loves a bargain, but some prices are so low it should cause suspicion. This usually happens with price comparison websites. They trawl the internet looking for the lowest prices, often with huge discounts. People see that deal on offer and book without doing some proper checks on the company.

And when the move happens, the service might be poor, and your belongings may get damaged in the process. And to make matters worse, there might be hidden charges that weren’t made clear when you made the booking.

Aussie – You Will Meet and then Surpass Your Expectations –

Although some of the previous examples of red flag situations sound drastic, they were all given by our customers. These situations were the result of a low standard of customer service that no one should ever receive when relocating.

Accreditation and accountability are the cornerstones of any reliable removals company. At Aussie, we take both very seriously, and that’s why we are BAR accredited. Not only that, we’re proud members of an elite group of removals and storage company called the Master Removers Group. Customer service is our number one priority. We work with thousands of customers every year, and it’s crucial that we provide the very highest level of customer service.

It’s easy to find us online – and we’re more than happy to share our five-star reviews with the world. Everything we do is transparent, and we welcome feedback from our customers. This helps us design and improve our removals and storage packages. Not only that, it ensures that you get the service you need.

Don’t settle for less – you should only use a company that puts your requirements first. For your next relocation, book with London’s fastest growing removals and storage company. Contact us today, and we’ll discuss our removals services with you.