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Fine art and antiques removals in london for the archbishop of Canterbury

When you move house, there are often items that need extra special care – some because they have sentimental worth and are irreplaceable despite not having a large monetary value, others because they are fragile, and some because they are valuable. We’ve looked at the packing and reassembling of pianos before, so now let’s turn to valuable antiques and artworks and see what goes into keeping them safe so they can embark on their journey from home to home unharmed and unscathed.

Priceless possessions can be one of the biggest worries as your moving day approaches – some of our belongings are so important that the tiniest of scratches is enough to ruin them and drastically diminish their value. Before they’ve even been loaded into vehicles, they face the hazardous voyage down corridors, flights of stairs and through doorways, each stage imperilling them if they aren’t in capable hands. Then there’s the chaos of London’s roads, with vehicles often forced to make sudden stops and starts. The risk then is that the contents of moving vans will rattle around wildly if they haven’t been loaded securely.

Art and antique removals service London

Paintings often need special, porous packing materials to allow them to breathe during lengthy journeys – a step that is vital to their safe preservation. Larger antiques frequently need to be dismantled in order to make them travel-safe. Other items need to be matched up to exactly the right crate or case, lest they be inadvertently knocked in transit. Without skilled and experienced movers, irreversible damage can be wrought upon your most treasured items. We use combinations of cardboard, bubble wrap of various kinds, loose polystyrene and wooden crates amongst other materials. Any china and glass is carefully protected with paper.

Mirrors and panes of glass will be thoroughly protected not only with cardboard but also bubble-wrap. It’s the edges and corners which are most endangered during transit, but we supply a special foam material designed specifically to keep them safe (failing that, plenty of tape and cardboard can also be used).

Similar to paintings, sometimes furniture needs to breathe. If you have a piece of antique furniture going into storage, it can become damp and prone to mould if plastic sheeting is used. We can advise you on alternative coverings.

While we can supply all the necessary materials for moving and storing art and antiques, our advice is not to go it alone but to ensure that you either have specialist help (in the form of an expert who understands how to pack and transport your precious items) or else entrust these delicate manoeuvres entirely to our safe, dependable hands.

Photo above shows Aussie’s Fine art and antiques removal service in London assisting the archbishop of Canterbury