Affordable Places to Live in London

Life in London is unlike anywhere else in the UK, and many people relocate here for various reasons. London is one of the leading financial hubs in the world and is home to the big players of the financial industry. And where there is money, there are plenty of jobs. And that’s not just for the larger corporations. London is also the place to be for entrepreneurs and tech start-ups.

While there are lots of chances to get a high-flying job with plenty of monetary perks, there is one stumbling block. London also happens to be one of the most expensive places to live in Europe. With the average rent of a central location exceeding £ 1, 500 per month, it’s difficult to find an affordable place to live. Luckily, Aussie is here to help guide you towards some of our favourite places that are easy on the budget.

Aussie’s Top Five Affordable Areas in London –

Bexley – will an approximate travel time of forty-five minutes to central London, Bexley is our top pick. Although that length of travel might put some off, the average rent of just over £ 1, 000 per calendar month might change your mind. Bexley has a glowing report for its schools and low crime rates. Could this be London’s unsung hero for affordability?

Havering – battling with Bexley for our top spot is the borough of Havering. It’s slightly closer, with an average journey of thirty-five minutes, this may edge it for commuters. Havering may appeal more for young professionals who want a more vibrant setting. Romford is known for its shopping and nightlife, so it may work out for Londoners who want to save and have fun. The average rental is just under £ 1, 100 per calendar month, so it gets two thumbs up from us. 

Acton – this is as close as you’ll get to the city centre without breaking the bank. Acton is just as the end of Zone 2, but its Tube links are excellent. You’ll be in Oxford Circus before you get a chance to open your book or check your email. With average rent between £ 1, 150 and £ 1, 200 per calendar month, you won’t get closer the centre of London for less.

Redbridge – with a link into the city by the Central Line, Redbridge is well connected to London. It’s a bit more expensive than Bexley and Havering, mostly due to the developments from the Olympics. You’ll get an average rent of £ 1, 300 per calendar month, but the appeal of being close to Shoreditch will win over many.

Croydon – although Croydon is the furthest away from the centre of London, it has excellent transport links. Croydon is not just a fantastic commuter haven, but a surprising industry has made itself a home here. Tech start-ups and incubators are now in full swing in Croydon, and it’s fast becoming the place to be for this sector. With an average rent of £ 1, 300 per calendar month, if you’re tech-savvy, this could be your ideal location.

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