Affordable London Man & Van – Removals in London with Aussie

Using Man & Van and Storage for Room Conversions and Home Improvements in London

Moving to a new house or apartment takes a lot of organising and planning, even if you’re moving from one area of London to another. The best way to keep a level-head is to start as early as possible to give yourself plenty of time. Then, if any issues arise while you’re organising your relocation, you have more than enough time to problem solve. And for this reason, it’s essential that you book a reputable removals company.

Finding an affordable and reliable removals provider in London might sound tricky, but there’s one company that covers both. Aussie is the ‘can-do’ removals and storage company, and we operate all over London and the surrounding areas. Our Man & Van service is the most popular of its kind in the capital. And we help move thousands of people in London every year.

Why Use a Man & Van Service in London? –

Aussie’s Man & Van service is the most popular of its kind in London for several reasons. If you’re moving from one area in London across the city to another, a man and van service is the most suitable option. That’s because the smaller vehicles are more straightforward to park in the densely populated parts of the capital. They’re also handy for any jobs with access limitations.

This makes it simpler to pack your possessions into the van and to manoeuvre around any stationary cars. Your neighbours will also thank you for not blocking the road with a large van. Additionally, Aussie Man & Van charges by the hour for this service, which works out much cheaper than other companies who apply day rates. You should only pay for the time your relocation takes, which is why we use an hourly rate.

Every man and van booking come with two members of our expert removals team who will assist with packing, creating an inventory and doing all the heavy lifting. Aussie’s man with a van service is the best in London, and we relocate thousands of people every month. You can delegate tasks to us to take the lead while you get on with other important things.

Removals and Other Related Services –

If you’re moving from a three, four or five-bed house, our Home Removals service is likely the most suitable course of action. Aussie has a range of removals vans to choose from, making it possible for us to do any removal job. And sometimes, it makes more sense to try and pack and transport all your belongings in one trip.

Our Home Removals service works well for larger pieces of furniture, lots of appliances and more significant volumes of items to relocate. We have various sizes of removal’s vehicles at our disposal and the best removals equipment and tools. That’s because we know that more choice equals a better level of service delivery and happier customers.

In addition to your removals services, Aussie has three storage options at all our facilities in London, Surrey, Oxford, Dorset, and Bath. Aussie Clean is our professional cleaning company that specialises in all domestic and business cleaning services in London. We also have a handyman service to take of any minor repairs and maintenance work.

Three Storage Options to Choose From – 

When it comes to providing a comprehensive range of services, Aussie has every angle covered. From experience, we know that having more choices available is the key to matching our customers’ needs with the correct service. No matter your situation, we’ll line you up with the most suitable and affordable storage package.

Aussie Container Storage – this is ideal for long-term storage. Many people store their valuables and heirlooms with us, due to the high level of security at our facilities. This option is also popular with people who are storing furniture for future use. You are subject to access restrictions with container storage, so make sure this aligns fully with your requirements.

Aussie Self Storage – is the perfect package for short-term storage and people who need regular access. This option is frequently chosen by businesses that move their stock in and out on a regular basis. A lot of new start-ups and SMEs use Aussie Self Storage as their base of operations. You’ll have no limits on how often you visit your self storage unit during our business hours.

AusBox Storage – this innovative storage service combines elements of the previous options but on a smaller scale. The AusBox is a unique storage options ideal for people who need long-term storage at cheaper rates. You can also visit your AusBox four times a month without additional charges.

Specialist Add-Ons You Won’t Find Elsewhere – 

Aussie already has an impressive range of primary services, and they cover most situations. Moreover, we can adapt them to cater to specifications that might lie outside of the typical moving scenario. That’s because flexibility and going the extra mile are all part of the service. But sometimes, it takes a bit extra to meet the requirements. That’s where our secondary specialist services are vital.

Aussie has a Professional Cleaning service that’s suitable for both households and businesses in London. This includes everything from the End of Tenancy to Commercial Cleaning packages. We provide our cleaning operatives with state-of-the-art equipment and cleaning products. Additionally, we’re able to dispatch our teams on short notice and during unsociable hours.

Aussie’s Handyman service takes care of minor repairs and maintenance that you don’t have time or the skills to perform. This is ideal for busy people and landlords who have several properties to look after. If you need industry-quality packaging and related materials, you can buy the same items we use from our online store

Long-Distance Moves to Anywhere in the UK – 

Aussie operates all over Greater London and the neighbouring areas, with a total of five depots all over the capital. This gives us an excellent network throughout London and the nearby commuter towns, which are increasingly popular. We also have newer branches in Oxford, Dorset, and Bath, making us the fastest growing independent movers in Southern England.

We also have the outreach to provide a comprehensive National Moving service. From £400, you can get the same London quality removal anywhere in the UK. As part of this package, we have several unit sizes choices to cover any type of relocation. All with professionals at both ends of the journey to ensure a high quality of service delivery.

Through our partner companies, we have access to depots in strategic places in various locations throughout Britain. This helps for long-distance and makes it possible to offer to households and businesses the very best removals. You won’t find a more affordable national moving service for these rates, all with the same ‘can-do’ attitude.

Excellent Customer Service and Quality Control – 

Online reviews are essential when it comes to finding the right removals company. With a few searches and clicks of a mouse, you can see the ratings from previous customers. Better yet, you can read their comments about the company in question. It’s by no means foolproof, but it gives a brief indication of the company you might book a service with.

A service provider’s online presence is crucial. It highlights what a company offers regarding services, but it paints a picture of the company. Can you find their contact details easily? Does their phone line work, and can you reach someone when you call them? Is there a direct link and map with their address on their site? Is there a quality policy in place? If you can answer yes to all the above, then you’re on the right track.

A company that takes pride in its work will make it easy for potential customers to find their online reviews. Additionally, they will make a point of showing testimonials from happy customers. There is a reason behind this, and it’s accountability. If your previous customers are satisfied with the service that you gave them, it will reflect in their reviews. However, it works both ways, and poor customer service means equally negative online reviews.

Aussie Man & Van – London’s Best Man & Van Service –

At Aussie, we take a great sense of pride in knowing that we relocate tens of thousands of people every year. We have five branches in the capital, newer depots in Dorset, Oxford, and one facility in Bath. That’s why we’re Southern England’s fastest-growing removals and storage company. We provide the best customer care and service delivery in every area we operate in.

Customer service is of paramount importance for us, and we base all our packages and services on this ethos. Aussie is the ‘can-do’ company that aims to exceed your expectation and help you move into your new home, stress-free and on time. Furthermore, we’ll be with you every step of the way, even giving advice and tips as you plan the relocation.

If you’re planning your next relocation to London, click here to go through our assessment and quotation process. Our friendly staff are always available to discuss our range of services.