The Advantages of Using a Reliable London Man and Van Service

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When you start looking for a company to book for your next relocation, it’s important to know beyond doubt that they’re reliable. List down some questions that will help you find the right company; Are they easy to find online? Equally important, do they have good reviews? Is there company accredited? Moreover, can you contact them directly at any time?

Value for money is important in a city like London where everything is expensive. However, sometimes price comparison sites don’t provide the right information which can lead to a poor level of customer service. That’s why using a reliable company is vital when you’re moving.


Direct Contact Throughout Your Relocation – 

The reason for our focus on price comparison site is from talking to some of our customers. A few told us that they’d tried that route, only to be left with a poor level of customer service. In fact, we’re yet to hear a client tell us anything positive about using these sites, which is exclusive to removals. To be fair to them, they’re mostly based on the lowest price, and they exist to make their own profits as well.

It’s important to contact your removals company directly and can at any time. Whenever another step is introduced, like a middleman, there are too many interested parties. The concept is simple: do a little bit of research by searching for what you need. Be precise, search by the location you need, and go from there.

At Aussie, we encourage any potential customer to contact us straight away. We are happy to create a direct line of contact with your first call, even if it’s just a fact-finding one. If you contact a company and they struggle to discuss their range of services, and they’re not friendly, then they might not be suitable.


Reviews and Accreditation – 

During your online searches, you’ll no doubt see an option where the company’s reviews can be seen. Don’t dismiss this as trivial – this might be the most important part of finding a reliable company. If you find a company that has a few five-star reviews, it might be a good sign, but they might be friends’ reviews. Look for a company with over ten reviews, some with four-star reviews from people who feel more like genuine customers.

Another aspect that shouldn’t be ignored is accreditation. No matter what service you’re looking for, most sectors have some accreditation body that governs things like best practice and complaint procedures.

At Aussie, we’re BAR accredited, which means our company dedicates its focus of providing the highest level of customer service. This covers everything. From standards of removals, levels of health and safety, fair treatment of employees, correct avenues for complaints and much more.

Aussie – A Man & Van Service You Can Rely On – 

Aussie Man & Van service is the best in London. We strive to provide the correct service for each job, and that’s why we charge by the hour. We don’t cut corners, and you only pay what you’re quote, with no hidden costs. So, if you’re moving in London and you don’t need a large vehicle, you won’t pay for one. Our Man & Van service is quick and efficient, and we aim to do the job on time.

Aussie is the ‘can-do’ company that knows it can provide a high level of customer service, as well as offering affordable rates. You don’t have to choose one over the other. The Aussie team is made up of highlight skilled people who love what they do. We give them the right tools and equipment so that can do their jobs properly.

If you’re looking for a Man & Van service in London, make sure you can contact them directly. Price comparison sites will find you a low price, but they may also send you to a non-accredited company who damage your possessions.

Contact us today, and we’ll gladly discuss anything and everything Man & Van with you.