“Adding” a Room to Your Home with the help of our London Man & Van and Storage

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If you’re in a situation where you need more space, but you would prefer to avoid relocating, one option you should consider is adding an extra room to your home. Not only would an extra room create more living space in your house, but it could also increase the value of your property. You can approach this in two ways – one would be a conversion of an existing room. The second would be to build an extension. Adding an extra room to our home could be the ideal project for 2019 for you to take on, but you’ll need assistance.

Aussie works with hundreds of people every year who take on a property development project like room conversions or the construction of an extension. In fact, many professional developers, interior designers and other tradespeople use our London Man and Van and London Storage services. Although it’s possible to hire a builder to undertake the work for you, it’s just as feasible to oversee everything yourself. Aussie is the ideal company to partner with, and we’ll be able to advise you throughout your conversion or build.

How Man with a Van Can Assist Your Room Conversion –

The way many professional property developers use our London Man & Van service is to transport building materials on and off site. That also includes any tools or specialist equipment that they don’t want to leave overnight. It’s never a good idea to keep anything valuable or that may damage easily onsite, which also means from being kept outside without proper covering.

Aussie’s Man & Van service comes with the assistance of two of our crew members who have years of experience in removals and other trades. They will be able to help with any heavy lifting and labour duties, which includes packing items into the van. And if you happen to be doing the project solo, the additional hands and carrying power could be beneficial.

Aussie is flexible, and due to our fleet of removals vehicles, we are usually able to accommodate last-minute jobs. And if you’re new to the development game, we will try and pass on as much information as possible to help you plan and begin your project.

Choosing the Best Man & Van Service in London –

When you book a man with a van removals service, there are some basic levels of service that should be met. One of them is turning up on time, and it’s something that a lot of companies fail to adhere to. The Aussie team will turn up on time and ready to get the job done on schedule. We do everything possible to be efficient and professional, so we always welcome feedback at any time.

For us, it’s essential that we work around your schedule. That’s why we are available to work on weekends, and if it’s necessary, after-hours during the week. Both services do cost extra, but we ensure that our out-of-hours rates are well below those in the industry.

Every job is assessed on its own merits. From experience, we know that no two situations are the same, even if we deal with properties that are similar. We assess everything in detail thoroughly in advance of the moving day.

There are no hidden charges – you pay the amount we quote, and not a penny more. No matter what service you’re using, you must make sure that you’re only paying for the price of the quote. This issue is a problem with less reputable companies, and it’s something Aussie is actively working to correct in our industry.

Aussie – Providing the Best Service for Home Developments in London –

Aussie is London’s favourite removals and storage provider due to our commitment to our customers. Customer service is our priority for every job we sign up for, and we won’t settle for any other than our very best. And we always suggest the most cost-effective and efficient service for your requirements.

At Aussie, we treat every person or company on an individual basis. And there is no job too big or small for our team. Aussie employs experts who have a combined level of experience that enables us to undertake and complete any type of removals situation.

The Aussie team considers removals and storage to be more than moving to a new house or keeping your possessions safe. We believe that these services can extend much further than their original use, which is why people and businesses use our Man & Van services for construction purposes.

If you’re putting together a plan for a room conversion or extension in London, contact us today. We’re ready and waiting to partner up with you for your development project.