Meet Sales The Team

Terance – General Manager and Surveyor

Background: After 8 years in the New Zealand Army, I wanted a new challenge. So off to the other side of the world to join an industry that one has no idea about. I had my truck licence and the only thing that was hard about driving in the UK, was learning to call a truck a Lorry. That was the end of the 90’s and after spending close to 20 years in the industry, I now know a thing or two about removals. In 2012 my biggest challenge was to become Head of Operations for Aussie and being a kiwi its’ always a talking point.  Fast forward to 2016, I became GM after our Australian manager decided it was too cold here and headed back to warmer climates down under.

He says: “Thankfully I have had some really good mentors over the years and the Army has definitely helped me to implement a pragmatic approach to looking after Aussie. The team I have are ‘Awesome’ and it’s fun to be part of the Aussie family”.

Lauren – Office and Sales Manager, Removals co-ordinator

LaurenBackground: Removals and logistics was a brand new industry for Lauren. She was thrown in at the deep end after joining the company in the very busy summer of 2013 and adapted to her role quickly. Lauren has grown significantly and in 2018 was promoted to office manager. She is one of the first points of contact for clients, coordinating moves from start to finish. The team describe her as super-smiley and friendly!

She says: “After leaving sixth form in 2010, I temped across London for various companies, and soon learnt that I wanted to make progress in customer services and sales. Booking moves on our system is like second nature to me. I was so excited when I started at Aussie, everything was new – the people and the knowledge! It’s been an enjoyable experience and great learning curve so far. I love customer service and enjoy knowing I’ve helped someone through a stress free move. I’m a key team player and always ready to help others.”

Billie-Jane – Sales Manager and European and Export Specialist

Background: Since joining us in 2015, she has regularly contributed new ideas and efforts. Her extensive background in retail has definitely helped her to be such a great people’s person. She is the go to girl for European and Export moves and is always happy to help members of the team. Her fellow comrades say she is always willing to go that extra mile to help others.

She says: “I have always loved working with people and enjoy the challenges that customer services bring. I am motivated by ensuring that all my clients and team members are happy. Working at Aussie Man and Van is really fun and you never know what weird and wonderful things we will move next. Everyone is so supportive and I truly appreciate the time that has been invested into my progression. I am the go to girl on the desk and I am always around to support and develop my colleagues.  I look forward to my future within the company and I am excited to further my knowledge”.

Niamh – Removals Co-Ordinator

Background: Niamh joined the team in early 2020. Niamh has over 4 years’ experience in premium retail, a passion for customer service and is an amazing people’s person.  Niamh is a fast learner and rises to every new challenge.

She says: “I love working with people and enjoy fast pace working environments. My work experience means that I always strive to provide a hands on, excellent customer experience. I also love to work as part of a team and always aim to help to the best of my ability, never being afraid to go the extra mile to help my team or customers. I love new challenges and experiences and I am always excited for what each day has to offer. I am looking forward to developing and progressing with Aussie Man and Van and working with an amazing team and amazing customers!”.

Megan – Removals Co-Ordinator

Background: Megan was born and raised in London so has good knowledge of the country’s capital.  After completing her A levels in 2019 she decided to dip her toes in to the working world.  This is her first ever job and she is doing fantastic!  She really cares about her customers and can’t wait to progress within the group.

She says: “I decided to take a gap year before going to university to gain some work experience but after being here for a few months I quickly realised there is no where I would rather be. Due to the support I have received from my team I feel like I have been able to thrive in this role and I am very proud to work for a company that is so dedicated to providing such a high quality service.

Laura – Removals Co-Ordinator

Background: Laura joined us in 2017 and is the youngest on our team. Laura has been a very speedy learner and is also our Live Chat superstar! Laura always comes to work with a smile and she is very efficient. Laura has taken on quite a few responsibilities since joining Aussie and I’m sure she will have many more to come.

She says: “I have always loved working within a team and with people helping them achieve a service they require. Working at Aussie Man and Van is really fun and fun place to work, every day is different but so enjoyable. I look forward to progressing within the company and gaining more and more returning clients.”

Reece – Removal Co-Ordinator

Background: Reece is our newest member to the team. With experience in sales and administration, Reece has embarked on a new challenge when it comes to logistics and removals. Although different from previous roles, Reece is keen to rise to any challenge and help his team achieve their best.

He says: ““Since graduating university in 2014, my career has always been focused around providing excellent customer service. This has led me down the road to work within the fab team at Aussie Man and Van where I have managed to further build my skills and excel in customer relations. It’s great to work within the Aussie team! every day is different and you never quite know what you may face which definitely keeps you on your toes! There’s no greater pleasure than helping a client through the process of moving and making sure it’s as stress free as possible.”

Piero – Removal Co-Ordinator

PieroBackground: Piero joined the company in the summer of 2014 and started working on the road as a driver/porter and became one of our senior road crew. Before coming to work for Aussie Piero had previously been working in real estate as a sales negotiator.
Piero has now joined our office crew and will bring a great amount of knowledge and expertise to role, knowing what it takes first hand to be out there completing moves every day.
Piero says no to pineapple on pizza!

He says: ”I have been with the company for over 4 years now and have picked up experience in a variety of positions within the company. I strive to deliver the best service I can and give our customers the best experience. Working for Aussie Man & Van is a real pleasure as you are working with a fun and motivated team who are all dedicated to delivering a top service. Every day is different, requiring different skills and I believe we have the best team to deliver day in and day out”.

Harmoni – Payment Co-Ordinator

Background: Harmoni joined Aussie in 2016 as a removals co-ordinator. Shortly after she developed into her new role as a payment co-ordinator. Having come from an admin background, Harmoni is use to keeping on top of paperwork and working efficiently. Harmoni’s herbal remedies always keep the team fighting fit!

She says: “Having worked at the company for the past two years, with my bossy personality I’ve become the mother hen of the sales desk. This fits perfectly with my role as I mainly take payments for Aussie. Being the only person on the team not on a diet my drawer is always full of goodies that I don’t have to share, you would think I pay myself with the amount of takeaways I have!”

Nick – Operations Manager

Background: Native Aussie Nick, has been with us since 2011 and has worked his way up from working on the vans to now being in charge of ensuring the bookings made are allocated, staffed up and the moves are running on time.

He says: “I love my job but managing 100+ men can be very challenging. I have to know where my team are throughout the day and to keep checks on them from my desk- organisation really is key!

When I first started, the company was a lot smaller and as the company continues to grow, so does my team which is always great to see.

The treats I get from the road crews are always great. They like to try and keep me happy with gifts from the countries they travel to on our international moves in the hope that I will staff them onto more great jobs abroad. It doesn’t always work though, I have to keep focused on the plan of the removal and ensure the right teams are allocated.”

Richard – Surveyor 

Background: Richard has over twelve years’ experience in the removals and logistics industry. He started in 2006 as a removal specialist and van driver, gaining valuable knowledge and experience. In 2013 he moved over to the sales and customer relations team at Aussie Man and Van. He is a people person, building great relationships at all levels in the company, his clients and vendors. In 2016, Richard had another promotion and is now our main man for Surveying!

He says: “Having started in this industry on the road, I have gained valuable insight and knowledge as to how the job is run from start to finish. I know what man-power and materials are needed and the time it takes to carry out each task. I studied in the hospitality industry so I have a good understanding of customer needs and expectations. This can often be a very stressful time for them. My ability to prioritise my workload and work as part of a team means we always get the job done, no matter how big or small! Each job is different, requiring different skills and personalities and I believe we have a great team to deliver this to all of our clients.”

Alayna El Husseini- Removal Co-Ordinator

Background: Alayna joined the Aussie team in 2020. After completing her degree at university, she has now entered the working world of the removal industry. She has quickly settled in as Alayna’s experience in retail and customer service has helped her immensely and she’s excited to progress within the team.

She says: Since graduating university, my passion has always been in customer service as I have always enjoyed helping and advising customers. I also love working within a team and here at Aussie Man and Van, we have the most amazing group of people, it’s such a fun place to work and I am excited to further my skills. I am so proud to be part of such a well established and respected company who truly appreciate and care for their customers. Not only that, I feel so lucky to be working with such an encouraging and supportive team, who really do make me feel like I wouldn’t want to working anywhere else!

Abbie Morris – Removal Co-Ordinator

abbieBackground: Abbie is the newest member of the team joining in 2021. After completing her degree at university, she has now entered the working world of the removal industry. She has over 4 years’ experience in luxury retail and has a passion for customer service. Abbie is learning fast and is keen to further her knowledge in the company.

She says: “Since moving from the North East in 2016 I have always been searching for a new challenge. The amazing team at Aussie Man and Van welcomed me with open arms and I have settled in straight away.  I am looking forward to developing and progressing within the company. I love helping people and customer service is something I take great pride in. Every day is different in the office, and you never know what you may be faced with! I look forward to my future within the company and excited to keep helping customers achieve the service they require.”