Meet The Sales Team

Lauren May – Office & Sales Manager

I joined the company in 2013 as a telesales administrator and by 2016 I transitioned into a managerial role. I saw the company grow rapidly over the first few years and realised it was a company I wanted to stay with long term. 

Removals was a new industry for me and I found it a really interesting sector as no move is the same. One day you might be booking in a standard house move, and the next you might be moving a fake crocodile to London zoo! Each day is a different surprise. I love customer service, I am always happy to help and I get a real buzz speaking to customers and helping them with their move. In my spare time I like to socialise with friends and family and I try to spend my time outdoors or finding new areas to explore!


Niamh Finn– Customer Service Representative

I love working with people and enjoy fast pace working environments. I started with Aussie in 2020 and I always strive to provide a hands on, excellent customer experience. I also love to work as part of a team and always aim to help to the best of my ability, never being afraid to go the extra mile to help my team or customers.

I love new challenges and experiences and I am always excited for what each day has to offer! I love travelling, spending time with friends and family and can appreciate a good pub garden!


Abbie Morris – Customer Service Representative

abbieSince moving from the North East in 2016 I have always been searching for a new challenge. The amazing team at Aussie Man and Van welcomed me with open arms and I have settled in straight away.

I am looking forward to developing and progressing within the company. I love helping people and customer service is something I take great pride in. Every day is different in the office, and you never know what you may be faced with! I look forward to my future within the company and excited to keep helping customers achieve the service they require


Reece Simons  – Customer Service Representative 

Since graduating university in 2014, my career has always been focused around providing excellent customer service. This has led me down the road to work within the fab team at Aussie Man and Van where I have managed to further build my skills and excel in customer relations.

It’s great to work within the Aussie team! every day is different and you never quite know what you may face which definitely keeps you on your toes! There’s no greater pleasure than helping a client through the process of moving and making sure it’s as stress free as possible.


Alec Woolner – Customer Service Representative

Since moving to London from Cambridgeshire in 2023, I’ve been looking for a rewarding and exciting role in customer services. Aussie has provided a great place to advance my career within a friendly and supportive team. Everyone is focused on delivering great levels of service and helping people through the stress of moving. In my free time I love playing music and sport and, since moving, have been enjoying exploring London and everything that it has to offer. 

Brandon Amony– Customer Service Representative

Customer service has always been a main focus throughout my history of working and I have developed many different strategies and methods to deal with all kinds of people over the years. Now at Aussie these skills are being further developed and shaped under the guidance from a great team. Every day is a different experience here at Aussie and I get to speak to many different customers from varying backgrounds which adds to the overall experience. Moving can be a tedious process and require meticulous planning and I’m glad to be a part of a team which are able to carry out such moves on a daily basis.

Blake Chapple – Customer Service Representative

I joined the company in 2023, being from a military background I always strive to ensure professionalism and do my best in every mission I pursue.

Since joining Aussie Man and Van I have had a very successful journey, our team is beyond excellent, we always make sure to put the client first, ensuring that we do our upmost to make your move stress free.

I have been given the opportunity to develop my career and progress into being someone being truly victorious. Every day is a new day, every move counts.

Megan Forshaw- Sales Administrator 

I joined Aussie Man and Van in 2019 after completing my A-Levels. I decided to take a gap year before going to university to gain some work experience but after being here for a few months I quickly realised there is no where I would rather be.

Due to the support I have received from my team I feel like I have been able to thrive in this role. Moving can be a very stressful time, so I am proud to work for a company that is so dedicated to providing such a high quality and hopefully stress-free service!


Caroline– Payment Co-Ordinator

I joined the Aussie Man and Van team in 2022 and was made to feel welcome from day one.

My primary role is to assist the sales team with payment administration.

I have really enjoyed my time so far as part of a growing business and hope to continue working here for many years to come.