Meet The Sales Team


Customer relations and Sales Team Manager


Background: Having worked for the company for nine months during 2011, during which she made great progress within her role, Nathalie was excited to be invited back to work for us in May 2013. She saw how the company had developed under its new ownership and swiftly moved into the management team.

She says: “I have always had a good knowledge of London and have previously had training in customer services. My role within Aussie gives me the ability to interact with customers and guide them as best as I can using the training I have been given by my peers. I provide a home-move that’s as stress-free as possible no matter how big or small it is.

The rest of the team are a real pleasure to work with, and having several colleagues with over 20 years of experience in the industry means I’m always learning and developing my skills. I really thrive on it.

I’m a perfectionist by nature. Good communication between myself and the operations team is crucial. It’s the little details we provide our removal crews which keep them informed and make them better than the rest.

The best part of my job is knowing I’m part of a great team, relieving customers of stress and worry so that they can focus on the excitement and happiness of moving.”


Move coordinator and customer service representative


Background: Billie is our youngest member in the team. Since joining us in 2015, she has regularly contributed new ideas and efforts. Her extensive background in retail has definitely helped her to be such a great people person.

She says: “I have always loved working with people and enjoy the challenges that customer services bring. I am motivated by ensuring that all my clients and team members are happy. Working at Aussie Man and Van is really fun and you never know what weird and wonderful things we will move next. Everyone is so supportive and I truly appreciate the time that has been invested into my progression. I look forward to my future within the company and I am excited to further my knowledge”.


Move coordinator and customer service representative


Background: Removals and logistics was a brand new industry for Lauren. She was thrown in at the deep end after joining the company in the very busy summer of 2013 and adapted to her role quickly. She is one of the first points of contact for clients, coordinating moves from start to finish. The team describe her as super-smiley and friendly!

She says:After leaving  sixth form in 2010, I temped across London for various companies, and soon learnt that I wanted to make progress in customer services and sales. I’m the quickest (and loudest!) typist in the office. Booking moves on our system is like second nature to me. I was so excited when I started at Aussie, everything was new – the people and the knowledge! It’s been an enjoyable experience and great learning curve so far. I’m a key team player and always ready to help others.

My favourite thing about the company is that we have BBQ’s in the yard on the last Friday of every month in summer. My favourite thing about my own job role is knowing that I’ve made someone’s move as stress-free as possible. After spending so much time with Aussies, I’m now going to experience two months down under but will return in February 2016 – I think my colleagues will be grateful to have a break from my singing!”


Move coordinator and customer service representative


Background: Richard has over nine years’ experience in the removals and logistics industry. He started in 2006 as a removal specialist and van driver, gaining valuable knowledge and experience. In 2013 he moved over to the sales and customer relations team at Aussie Man and Van. He is a people person, building great relationships at all levels in the company, his clients and vendors.

He says: “Having started in this industry on the road, I have gained valuable insight and knowledge as to how the job is run from start to finish. I know what man-power and materials are needed and the time it takes to carry out each task. I studied in the hospitality industry so I have a good understanding of customer needs and expectations. This can often be a very stressful time for them. My ability to prioritise my workload and work as part of a team means we always get the job done, no matter how big or small! Each job is different, requiring different skills and personalities and I believe we have a great team to deliver this to all of our clients.”

Not only does this fly-fishing South African work for a great team, he also has great taste in the teams he supports, one being the Springboks, the other Liverpool football Club – both of which have the CAN DO attitude, just like Aussie!


Payment coordinator and customer service representative

Background: Having spent 18 months working on the road as part of our removal crew, Paul was offered a role in the office at the start of 2015. He is the oldest but best-looking guy on the sales desk, and also by far the funniest (he wrote this).

He says: “I have had a varied career, encompassing roles in banking, ship repair, and teaching English in Japan. My involvement in removals happened by accident a couple of years back. The people at Aussie Man and Van are by far the nicest I’ve ever worked with, so when I was invited to join the office team it was a no-brainer.

I’m primarily responsible for payment-processing but am also on hand to share my removal experience, advising both customers and our sales team.”