Learn The Lingo

Name of van: Numbat

Back of Van: What are thongs? A) Flip Flops  B) Kitchen utensils C) Tooth Floss

Name of van: Opossum

Back of Van: What are Daks? A) Tools B) Underwear C) Washing powder

Name of van: Potoroo

Back of Van: What is a Rat Bag? A) A bag for rats  B) Pest control device C) A trouble maker

Name of van: Rusa

Back of Van: What is a Bottlo? A) An off licence B) A bottle bank C) Bottle of OJ

Name of van: Magpie

Back of Van: What is a Billabong? A) Musical Instrument B) Watering hole C) Surf board

Name of van: Humpback

Back: What does ‘Canberra’ mean in aboriginal? A) The meeting place B) Landmark C) Viewpoint

Name of van: Kangaroo

Back: What is a ‘Sanga’? A) Sandwich B) Beach towel C)Type of snake

Name of van: Lizard

Back: What are ‘Snags? A) Sausages B) Ribs C) Pork chops

Name of van: Koala

Back: What is ‘The Gabba’? A) The SCG B) A type of fish  C) The Brisbane cricket ground

Name of van: Joey

Back: What is ‘Grog’? A) A meat dish B) Illness C) An alcoholic drink

Name of van: Dugong

Question on the back: ‘Who wrote Waltzing Matilda?’ A) Banjo Paterson B) Henry Lawson C) John Williamson

Name of van: Emu

Question on the back: ‘What is a baby Koala called?’ A) Calf B) Joey C) Cub

Name of van: Flying Fox

Question on the back: ‘What is a Banana Bender?’ A) A Queenslander B) A Sandgroper C) A Canuck

Name of van: Galah

Back: What is a ‘Tinny’? A) A can of beer B) An ashtray C) A can of food

7.5 tonne trucks

Name of van: Wombat

Back: What is the collective noun for kangaroos? A) Troop B) Mob C) Herd

Name of van: Skippy

Back of van: What are you if you have a ‘Sticky Beak’? A) Nosey B) Feeling ill C) Drunk