Environmental Waste Disposal

Eco-friendly moving is part and parcel of the Master Removers Group experience. We are committed to it without reservation and can share some tips to help your eco-friendly move off to a good start. We suggest ridding yourself of clutter before your move with pavement sales, car-boot sales, trips to charity shops and recycling depots. Online options, including Ebay, are another good way of dispensing with unnecessary goods. Consider doing a ring-round of shops near you to see if you can relieve them of their unwanted cardboard boxes which should dramatically reduce the number of new boxes your move requires. In the days leading up to your move, carefully assess the contents of your fridge, freezer and kitchen cupboards and devise meals that will use up as much as possible so that you don’t end up throwing it all away. And remember, we’re at hand throughout with energy-saving, eco-friendly tips to ensure that your move is environment-friendly wherever possible. Should you be in the position where you need to take items to the local tip with our assistance, we can help prior to the removal or even on the day.


£200 + VAT per 500kg

The below items are not included in the general waste cost and are an additional cost per item:

Small Fridge £75 + VAT
Large Fridge £110 + VAT
Dishwasher £50 + VAT
Washing Machine £50 + VAT
Dryer £50 + VAT
Oven £75 + VAT
Microwave £50 + VAT
Single Mattress  £30 + VAT
Double Mattress  £40 + VAT
King Size Mattress  £60 + VAT
Electronics £20 + VAT

(Cost per electronic item – Monitors, printers, laptops, radios, televisions, hi-fi equipment, camcorders ad musical instruments)


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