Packing For Your Move

Can You Run a Small Business from a Self Storage Unit in London?

If you’re planning an upcoming relocation this year, it’s vital that you don’t leave sourcing your moving boxes until the last minute. We see it time and time again, and it often doesn’t end well when you rush things. You can give yourself a helping hand and buy packing boxes and materials now to give …

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Christmas & new year office hours

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Top Five Reasons to Use a Professional Cleaning Service in London

Cleaners London

There comes a time when a thorough, top-to-bottom clean is necessary, and no efforts to put it off for another day will work. The strange thing about cleaning is that it’s one of those tasks everyone hates but tends to do themselves anyway. It’s almost a default position that you must do this yourself. However, …

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To insure or not to insure

Removals / man & van insurance

If you’re planning a relocation, you’ll likely hear about the importance of insurance in relation to safeguarding your possessions. For some, the premise of being insured won’t prevent damage from occurring; it’s more to help you claim in the event of a breakage. Whether you choose to insure your items isn’t the most straightforward question …

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