Is 2021 the Year for Small Business and Start-Ups?

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Without a shadow of a doubt, 2020 was a wakeup call for London’s business community, and it was a year no one saw coming. It also brought about some new solutions, and it’s clear that remote working is now an ongoing feature of modern business.

It’s likely that thousands of new businesses will start in 2021. One of the consequences of the lockdown is that people want more control over their lives. A conscious decision for many is to take back control, whether at home or the way they work. This tends to favour start-ups and solopreneurs, which poses an interesting question: could the future of business be smaller enterprises?

Setting Up a New Business Venture in 2021 –

The world of business is changing to meet new demands and a shift away from traditional consumer norms, as well as structural organisation. The previous reliance on large office blocks is decreasing, with remote working likely to continue being relevant permanently. This doesn’t mean there’ll be a sudden wave of empty buildings around the UK, but their usage might need to adapt.

There’s another question this raises – how will this affect the dominance of big business? We’ve already seen the stock market shaken by collectives of traders from outside of the Wall Street bubble in 2021. Additionally, many large chain stores have or are closing, with more people buying goods and services online. The end of the High Street has been on the cards for a while now.

There’s every possibility that smaller operations will emerge with more influence in the coming months and years. A more democratic distribution of economy would benefit parts of Britain infamously left behind in the post-manufacturing era. But it remains to be seen if a similar uptake of new businesses will happen outside of London, which is likely to be a hotspot for an increase in new company registrations.

If you’re reading this and thinking of that business idea that’s gathering dust, maybe it’s time to start planning your new venture? There are lots of people preparing while doing their day job, so it can be a gradual progression. 2021 could be the year you made a permanent change to become the boss of your own business.

Man & Van is Ideal for Local Distribution –

Now for some practical ideas on how to create and run a small-to-medium enterprise. Maintaining a budget is essential when you first start, as many failed businesses attest to. Finding ways of reducing or cutting out expenses will help you survive the first year. This is a crucial period for any new venture due to many not making it past a year in operation.

Buying or leasing a vehicle is an expense you don’t need, especially when there are affordable options. Aussie’s Man & Van service can handle all your business’s collections and deliveries. This will save you money and has a few other benefits which most people overlook but can increase efficiency.

The Aussie team have the right expertise and tools to take over your local and national distribution. This will save you from doing it yourself, or delegating the task to an employee, freeing you both to perform your necessary duties instead. You’ll have to make decisions on how to allocate time wisely, and this is one that falls under the ‘time is money’ truism.

Larger Removals Vehicles for Scale –

Sometimes a man and van service aren’t suitable for certain situations, often determined by the number of items due for transportation. Larger companies tend to require services with a similar scale, especially if they’re relocating. Luckily, we have a fleet of vehicles available, and we can work with businesses of any size.

Our Home and Business Removals packages utilise bigger vans, usually because the overall load is significant enough. This makes it possible to move any object, and we provide our removal’s team with specialist moving equipment and tools. The larger vehicles makes it possible to do everything in one trip.

You won’t have to choose the removals package either, so don’t worry about picking the wrong one. We’ll assess everything thoroughly and discuss our suggestion with you in detail before anyone commits pen to paper. You’ll also receive a free quotation with no obligation to book. Every Aussie service comes with the same high standards. And you’ll always receive the most efficient, cost-effective package.

Self Storage for Affordable Warehousing –

Finding a commercial property with warehouse space can become pricey. Similarly, you might be looking for a smaller building which needs storage provisions, but nothing meets your specifications. A lot of new companies don’t need large premises but struggle to find anything that’s affordable. This is what makes self storage the best solution for new enterprises.

Aussie has a selection of self storage rooms sizes to choose from, and we make things as flexible as possible. If your circumstances change, we will try to upgrade or downsize you if alternative units are available. That’s why we encourage feedback with our customers because it helps us gauge if they need assistance.

In addition to offering affordable storage provision, we can perform warehousing and stock control services for businesses in London. By linking with a man and van package, it’s possible to streamline and run your full distribution and stock control. What’s more – we can start this process as soon as you’re ready, with one holistic service with experts overseeing and controlling everything.

Stock Control Services Available in London –

You might feel slightly cautious over the prospect of handing over your distribution, warehousing and stock control to another company. It’s understandable, but the decision’s much easier when you know more about our reputation as London’s leading removals and storage company. Plus, by handing over these duties to us, you’ll have more time to tackle other vital tasks.

Time is a valuable currency when you start a new business, and it’s easy to bog yourself down by trying to run the whole show. And if you don’t have much experience, overseeing stock control and distribution leaves room for mistakes. That’s why stock control should be done by professionals who know how to problem solve and multitask.

Every Aussie package can link to other services, making us the right choice for start-ups. Ultimately, your customers will benefit from this streamlined approach. It allows a synced level of service delivery, and there’s less chance of issues arising. You stand to save thousands of pounds while keeping your outgoings to a minimum.

Working with a Reliable Removals Company –

Aussie is London’s favourite removals company, and it’s down to our ‘can-do’ ethos that we apply to every booking we undertake. We have decades worth of experience, and we utilise this for every job we sign up for. People know us by our high standard of service, and our reputation allows us to work with hundreds of companies every week.

Customer service is the key to everything we do, and we believe that it’s crucial for people who are setting up a new business. We know that you’re already shouldering many things during the lockdown period and we’ll do everything possible to start your new enterprise and maintain a manageable budget. You can have confidence all your distribution, warehousing and stock control is in good order.

With review platforms like Google Live and Trustpilot, you can research any service provider before booking. At Aussie, we’re more than proud of what previous customers say about us. You can find our ratings and reviews here. Moreover, we have a Quality Policy in place to ensure we meet and exceed expectations.

Aussie Man & Van – London’s New Business Champions –

It will be a challenging year, but we’re confident London will rise to meet it. There’s no shortage of grit and determination in our city; all it requires is a lot of positive ambition and collective action. The Aussie team champions new business and will partner with any new companies or entrepreneurs, helping each one save money and survive their first year of trading.

With our range of removals services, it’s possible to operate an SME without burdening yourself with expenses like a vehicle for collections and deliveries. We can do this for you, in addition to having storage facilities at our branch to act as a warehouse and stockroom. Moreover, we can oversee this side of things, leaving you to tackle more pressing matters.

If you’re starting a new business venture this year, please contact us today. We’ll go into more detail about our range of services and how they benefit small businesses and start-ups in London.