Donate now to help those in need affected by the fire at Grenfell Tower

Posted on June 17, 2017 by Lauren May

“Many people have been affected by the devastating fire at Grenfell Tower in north Kensington and some have lost everything. We need your help to give them immediate support.” (Red Cross)

By donating to the Red Cross London Fire Relief Fund, you can help those who have been left bereaved, injured, or homeless by this tragedy.

Donate Now

Photo – The Aussie Team showing support

Tips for Affordable Home Renovations and Improvements in London

Posted on June 10, 2017 by Lauren May
Tips for Affordable Home Renovations and Improvements in London

We all have those moments when looking around our house or apartment when we think – this place lacks something. Maybe you’ve gone off the colour of the living room walls or you’ve been thinking about something more drastic, like a remodel of an entire room. No matter how you came to this decision it’s time to get started with your home improvements.

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Tips for Saving Money Part Two – Your First House Deposit

Posted on June 2, 2017 by Lauren May
Saving Pounds

This is the second blog in our ‘tips for saving money’ series, this time it’s about saving money to put towards a deposit for a house or apartment in London. Getting your foot on the property ladder isn’t easy but it’s a good investment for your future; you’re paying a mortgage instead of paying rent every month and getting nothing in return, and you have a place you can call your own – which is something to be proud of.

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Tips for Saving Money Part One – Trim Household Costs

Posted on May 26, 2017 by Lauren May
Saving Pounds

Getting value for money is an essential way to ensure that you don’t find yourself in financial difficulties but it’s also the best way to have readily available funds for things like saving a deposit for your first home or apartment, trading in your car and upgrading, or booking that dream holiday. The more money you save the easier it is to navigate life no matter what it throws at you, and if you’re on top of your finances and/or savings, you have more time to dedicate to more useful things and you’ll feel less stressed. So it’s time to trim your household costs and Aussie is here to help.
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Rightsizing for Your London based Company

Posted on May 19, 2017 by Lauren May
Rightsizing for Your London based Company

Rightsizing for Your London based Company – Make Aussie Part of Your Strategy

All businesses go through various stages of assessment to ensure that they perform efficiently and stay profitable. There’s no manual for knowing when it’s time to start looking at your company’s structure to see where costs can be cut, but to survive the ever-changing business trends and economic shifts, businesses from every sector will eventually need to evaluate their financial performance.

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How To Cope Without Inbuilt Storage

Posted on May 9, 2017 by Lauren May
How To Cope Without Inbuilt Storage

Storage isn’t always the first thing we look for when we’re eyeing up new places to rent. It’s easy to overlook when other things seem so much more important – the rent, the condition and size of the rooms, the decor. Similarly, when we’re buying, it’s not always storage that we think of. If you’ve just moved to a house or flat will little-to-no inbuilt storage, you could find yourself scratching your head, desperately trying to work out where on earth you’re going to put all your things. It’s true that today we have the option of keeping books, music and entertainment digitally and dispensing with physical media, but that doesn’t suit everyone. And there’s no way of doing this with clothes or kitchenware. If you’re all out of space, then Aussie Storage has a variety of appealing options, as efficient as they are affordable . But read on to get some tips for storage solutions that can save the day if you don’t have inbuilt options.
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Those Hard-To-Pack Items – Part 2

Posted on April 28, 2017 by Lauren May
packing house plants

Moving is never quite as simple as just packing for a weekend away and we’ve already explored the thorny issue of those hard-to-pack items in a previous post, detailing the ways that plants, pets, musical instruments and gym equipment can pose problems in need of good solutions. Unfortunately, there’s more, because those items are far from being the only ones that can prove tricky. So let’s look at some other goods that can be challenging when the time comes to pack up for pastures new.


They may be getting lighter and lighter as more of us ditch desktops. Even laptops are getting the heave-ho in some households, as people move their digital lives over to tablets. But if you’ve got a standard pc (or similar) then putting it back in its original packaging is the best strategy for moving day. Keep all the bits and pieces and peripherals together, label the cables and before you’ve disconnected them, take a photograph of the back of your computer, so that you’ll have a clear reference when it comes to reassembly. 


Not easy. For starters, it’s not a good idea to disconnect and reconnect an oven on your own, particularly if it’s gas-powered. You’ll need a properly qualified engineer so that everyone’s safe. And then there’s the cleaning – best done before your move. Before packing it up, remove any of the un-fixed parts that could roll off in transit, including gas rings. Keep them all separately in their own cardboard box. Use masking tape to secure the oven door and then wrap the whole thing in a blanket. If your oven is fixed to the wall, then you’ll also need to undo the screws keeping it in place.


There’s quite a bit of prep to getting this right. First, in the weeks just prior to your move, have a plan for using up all the contents, particularly the frozen section. Good things for using up ingredients are, of course, recipes like stews and soups. Then you can defrost, turn off the power, and leave old towels at the foot of the unit. Take out all the removal elements (e.g. Shelves) and seal the doors securely with masking tape. A blanket should now be wrapped around the whole thing, making it ready for the road.

Hard to pack items 1

Involving Your Team In A London Office Move

Posted on April 21, 2017 by Lauren May
Aussie Man And Van London

If your business is getting itself ready to hop, skip and jump to shiny new premises, then there’s probably a greater number of people to think about than when you move house. Whether you’re a small business or medium-sized, you’ll have a team of individuals whose lives are going to be as affected by the change as yours is. It always works better if, instead of letting them be dragged along passively with you, you involve them in the move, take their voices into account and let them feel part of the process. If there aren’t obvious ways of achieving this occurring to you immediately, then here are some of our ideas for pulling it off. After all, it’s almost certainly going to be a smoother transition with everyone on the same page.

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New Aussie Vans

Posted on April 10, 2017 by Lauren May

We have just taken delivery of the first of the new Aussie Fleet, which is made up of state of the art removals trucks all liveried in our new branding.